Find a Sturdy Floating Dock Ladder at Decks & Docks

Floating Dock LadderIf you need a durable and functional floating dock ladder, Decks & Docks has the perfect product for you. Some of our vertical lift ladders have fixed portions that extend only 15 inches below the dock they’re attached to, making them an ideal fit for a floating dock. Plus, their lower portions can be hoisted out of the water when not in use to prevent marine growth. When released, the sliding ladder portion has an extension of 3 to 8 feet below the dock, depending on how many steps you choose. They also have hoop handles that extend onto the dock, making it easier to get out of the water. As with all of our ladders, our strong floating dock ladder is constructed of 6063 marine-grade aluminum, so they resist rusting and can hold up to harsh marine conditions.

We offer many types of dock ladders, such as:

  • Other lift ladders, including wide tread options, that can be lifted out of the water to reduce barnacle growth and other issues
  • Straight ladders that work well as simple safety ladders
  • Finger pier ladders that conserve space on a dock
  • Swing ladders that can be secured completely out of the water
  • Double-handle ladders that provide added sturdiness
  • Custom ladders that meet your particular requirements and specifications
  • And more

No matter what type of dock product you’re looking for – from a floating dock lift ladder to a fish cleaning table – Decks & Docks can help you find it. Contact us today or visit our online store for more information on all of the products we offer.