Florida Insider Fishing Report’s New Trex TV Set

Florida Insider Fishing Report & Decks & Docks Create a Fancy New TV Set Catch the new Trex dock on the Florida Insider Fishing Report!  The Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report got a facelift this season, thanks to Trex and Decks & Docks Lumber Co. Together with Integrity Contractors of Palm Harbor, we built a […]

City of Palmetto is Sold on Vinyl Seawall

City of Palmetto is Sold on Vinyl Seawall The City of Palmetto, Florida found itself in a state of emergency in 2015 when the 90-year-old seawall protecting Riverside Park from the Manatee River was crumbling. Needing a fast resolution that worked with the long-term riverfront plan, the City of Palmetto reached out to local contractors and suppliers […]