Dealing with damaged piles? Get SnapJacket and stop worrying about the structural integrity of your dock.

SnapJacket Installation

Preserve, Repair & Protect

Pilings are subjected to a variety of wear and tear. Sun, water, mold, mildew, rot, and marine boring creatures can all impact the durability and longevity of your dock pilings. While it’s always wise to protect your piles with piling caps and sleeves when they’re installed, it’s still possible to protect and even strengthen your piles after they’ve been installed.

SnapJacket helps protect private and public dock piling from damage. It’s easy to install, cost-effective, and durable.

What is SnapJacket?

SnapJacket makes maintaining your dock easy. Its patented technology serves to protect wooden piles and stop damage in its tracks. Here’s how it works.

The SnapJacket system includes three components. First, a special PVC “jacket” is wrapped around your existing wooden piling. The PVC diameter is slightly larger than that of the piling, and the jacket is not applied flush against the pile. Rather a small space is left between the jacket and the piling that will eventually be filled in order to reinforce and strengthen the piling. The PVC extends about a foot into the ground and above the water to provide additional protection.

Once it’s in position, the jacket is then “snapped” into place with a locking device that helps the PVC to maintain its shape and location around the pile. This also prepares the piling for the following step.

Next, concrete is poured into the jacket, filling any gaps. This serves to provide additional support to the pile, fill any holes left by wear and tear, and extend the longevity of your dock. Gaps left by marine boring organisms, hourglass erosion from the water, and other defects are completely covered and filled. Even holes within the pile that may not be visible to the human eye are filled. Marine organisms eating away at your pilings will die and no longer be able to damage your dock.

Once the concrete dries and hardens, your deck will be safer and more secure than before. Plus, it will last longer.

Why Choose SnapJacket?

Replacing piles is a time-consuming endeavor. While there’s a chance that you’ll need to do it at some point, if you can invest in SnapJacket, you can address your piling issues without ripping out your entire dock.


PVC doesn’t experience the same wear and tear as lumber. And when combined with a concrete core, it really stands the test of time. SnapJacket is a durable alternative to replacing wooden piles. Plus, SnapJacket offers a 25-year warranty, though your pilings will likely last much longer.


By protecting your existing piles, SnapJacket helps you get more from your current structure. SnapJacket is an affordable alternative to piling replacement and it also serves to reinforce your existing structure. Plus, by allowing you to get more life out of your dock, SnapJacket helps you save money down the line.

Quick Installation Process

When compared to replacing your piles, installing SnapJacket is a breeze.

Depending on your experience and the size of your piles and dock, you can complete your SnapJacket installation in a day. Once you clean your piles with a powerwasher or jet pump and measure them, you can trim your PVC jackets with a Sawzall. PVC jackets come in 10, 12, 14, and 16-inch diameters. Make sure to leave at least a 1.5 inches around your pile free for the concrete. Therefore, if your piling measures 14 inches, you’ll want to wrap it with the 16-inch jackets.

Next, you’ll need to pour in concrete through the top of the jacket. Few tools are necessary, making it much simpler than other dock repairs. Even if you think you only need to replace one piling, using SnapJacket can help you extend the life of that pile while protecting your other pilings.

You don’t have to make any changes to your current dock to install SnapJacket. The system is made to fit onto your current structure, so don’t worry about having to unscrew boards or other fixtures. Plus, you don’t have to rent expensive equipment to install it as you would with piling installation.

Alternatives to SnapJacket

Pile wraps can also be installed after piles have already been embedded. We recommend that vinyl pile wraps be installed by a qualified marine contractor. When applied to clean pies, pile wraps can protect against marine organisms, UV rays, rot, and decay, and they can lengthen the life of your piles. While they can be installed on piles that have been damaged, they do not add any structural integrity to the piles and are not recommended for piles that have severe damage. For those piles, installing SnapJacket is likely the best course of action without replacing.

If you’d rather replace your piles than install SnapJacket, you can opt to replace your piles with treated wood, greenheart lumber, or fiberglass piling. If you choose a wood piling, we recommend that you invest in a pile sleeve or pile wrap from the beginning to reduce the amount of damage that normal wood piling endures.

Fiberglass piling can be a great investment for homeowners who don’t want to worry about their dock pilings again. This long-lasting material doesn’t fall prey to the same issues as wood pilings, plus they won’t rust, rot, or crumble. Fiberglass pilings are extremely durable, though they are more expensive than wooden pilings. Plus, because they come in custom colors, your dock can better match your style.

If you plan on installing new pilings, we recommend using a skilled marine contractor.

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