With a reputation for quality, durability, and low maintenance, TimberTech decking is one of the leading wood alternatives on the market today. Although they’re currently owned by Azek Building Products, TimberTech and Azek decking are not the same. TimberTech is a manufacturer of capped composite decking, while Azek specializes in capped PVC.

From the beginning, TimberTech has always been focused on improving its products and coming up with new and innovative decking solutions. Their commitment to progress is just one of the reasons Decks & Docks is proud to be a supplier of TimberTech capped composite decking.

A pioneer in the composite decking market, TimberTech started manufacturing their unique wood and plastic blend all the way back in 1997. The brand quickly established itself as an industry leader, expanding to offer new decking styles and colors, railings, and PVC options.

In 2011, they unveiled their most popular decking material to date — capped composite. With durable capping on all four sides and an unmatched 30-year fade and stain warranty, TimberTech’s capped composite decking remains a favorite of both homeowners and contractors alike.


TimberTech’s capped composite decking combines the best of natural wood with the best of PVC. These benefits include:

  • DURABILITY. Capped on all four sides, each board is completely protected from moisture, rot, and insects. It’s also tough enough to resist scratches, harsh weather, and fading due to sun exposure.
  • REAL WOOD LOOK. A common problem with synthetic decking materials is that they sometimes look shiny, plastic, and fake. Not TimberTech — with its realistic wood grain texture and selection of natural colors, you get that real wood look without any of the real wood hassles.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE. Unlike pressure-treated wood, capped composite doesn’t require annual staining or sealing. That means less work for you and more money saved on maintenance costs.
  • AFFORDABILITY. For the budget-conscious homeowner, Capped composite decking is an affordable option. In addition to being cost-effective upfront, it will also help you save long-term because there’s no need to spend extra time or money on annual maintenance tasks.
  • SUSTAINABLY MADE. Manufactured from up to 73% recycled material, TimberTech decking helps to reduce landfill waste and save trees.
  • PROTECTED. TimberTech offers a 30-year Fade and Stain Warranty on their Legacy, Tropical, and Terrain Collections. You can rest easy knowing that your deck will stay beautiful for many years to come. An additional 30-year Limited Warranty protects against defective materials, termite damage, splinters, and rot.


Up until the 1990s, wood was the only decking material available. While pressure-treated wood remains a popular decking option today, brands like TimberTech have completely changed the game with their capped composite decking solutions.

Keeping up the appearance of natural wood requires routine maintenance. Otherwise, it will begin to splinter, rot, and fade just a few short years after it’s installed. TimberTech’s low-maintenance decking doesn’t need to be sanded, stained, or sealed, so you can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time caring for it.
If you’re not sure whether TimberTech is appropriate for your project, consult with an expert at Decks & Docks.

Styles to Match Any Taste

Whether you like the look of exotic woods or reliable cedars, TimberTech has a board to match your style.

timbertech reliaboard
ReliaBoard Collection

TimberTech’s most budget-friendly composite decking option, the ReliaBoard Collection is available in Cedar or Gray.

timbertech legacy
Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection from TimberTech mimics the hand-scraped texture of hardwood flooring. Each fully capped board features a unique blend of rich colors, giving your deck an elegant and timeless look.

timbertech tropical
Tropical Collection

Looking for something more exotic? Turn your deck into a mini island getaway with the saturated colors of the Tropical Collection. The vibrant tones are complemented by each board’s multi-colored streaking.

timbertech terrain
Terrain Collection

The subtle Earth tones of the Terrain Collection embrace the beauty of the great outdoors. The colors of each board are solid and consistent throughout.


TimberTech may not have been the first manufacturer of composite decking, but over the last two decades, they’ve proven themselves to be one of the best.

Some decking manufacturers don’t cap the underside of their boards to save on production costs. But left uncovered, the bottom side of your deck becomes exposed to moisture. Unlike their competitors, TimberTech caps their boards completely. With protection on all four sides, your deck is better protected against mildew and rot.

Something else that makes TimberTech stand out from other brands is their commitment to sustainable manufacturing. A closed-loop filtration system helps to conserve and reuse water, and their decking is made using 73% recycled materials. What’s more, they choose to ship all of their products via rail, a more energy efficient option than shipping by highway freight.



Your deck is an extension of your home or commercial space; let your decking board colors help beautify it!

timbertech browns

Whether you want to match your interior wood floorings or contrast your cool-colored patio furniture, there’s a hue for you. The Legacy Collection boasts plenty of warm and rustic browns, from the multi-colored Tigerwood to the rich, dark Mocha.

timbertech reds

Want the beauty of a hardwood like Cypress or Redwood without all the work? TimberTech offers a lovely palette of traditional reds to choose from, such the lively Caribbean Redwood from the Tropical Collection.

timbertech grays
Grays & Whites:

If you prefer a more contemporary look, a stoney gray or a stark white is the perfect way to make your deck stand out. Options include the weathered Ashwood of the Legacy Collection or the smooth Stone Ash from the Terrain Collection.



At Decks & Docks Lumber Co., we’re picky about what we sell. That’s why we sell TimberTech, Azek, and Trex products — their reputation for quality is hard to match. If you aren’t sure if TimberTech’s capped composite decking is the right choice for you, you have options. Our experts can help you decide what material is the best fit for your specific project.

If you’re ready to embark on your next marine construction project, stop by your local Decks & Docks lumber yard to stock up on everything you need. From TimberTech decking to railing, you can be certain that you’re buying the best of the best!


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