Whether you are adding railing to your home, adding deck railing, or making your dock a showpiece, Decks & Docks has you covered. Cable railing, Composite Railing, Wooden Railing, and everything in between. Decks & Docks has the largest selection of railing to make your home your dream home.

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Style, flair, durability, and wide-open views – this is why cable railing is so popular. Cable railing adds a contemporary look with solid construction and is easy to install, so it is one of the most popular choices for deck railing and even interior railing. Because it is a component system, you can really customize your look. Combine with ipe, stainless top or bottom rails, vinyl post sleeves, composite posts, or even wood, for a polished and elegant complement to your style. Cable rail is made from super-tough 316L stainless steel, for maximum corrosion resistance and long life, even in punishing marine environments.


Make a statement with all stainless steel – a bold choice for a sleek look. Or, integrate stainless steel components – top rails, bottom rails, or posts – with other materials like ipe or composite to complement decking materials. For an even more impressive look, get embedded MicroStar lights in a top stainless steel rail, and cast an accenting light down onto cables below, add LED post cap lights, then complete the look with stainless steel cable, or even glass inserts instead of balusters. Stainless steel railing often gets dismissed outright because of its perceived high cost, but it’s more affordable than most people think. The lifespan and timeless look actually make stainless steel railing a cost-effective investment compared to other materials like wood.

Head over to our Railing Gallery and see some of the variations possible with stainless steel railing.


Durability, affordability, and style. The aluminum railing we offer was designed with these essential elements in mind, and of course was made to last in marine environments, making it a great choice for deck railing. Aluminum railing has a lower-profile look than composite, is more affordable than stainless steel, and often comes in pre-assembled sections for maximum ease of installation. All of our aluminum railing resists fading, pitting and staining. Westbury railings are protected via a 10-step rigorous process of powder coating and performance testing of every rail. Aress railing is made from anodized aluminum and has a look like stainless steel, at a fraction of the cost. With a variety of designs, colors, and textures, you decide what fits you and your style. Options include vertical cabling, customized post cap lights, ADA-compliant railing, and heights for commercial and residential projects.


With our composite rail options, you can experience the look and feel of real wood without painting or staining. Unlike traditional lumber, composite rail is engineered for superior safety and strength, and will not rot, peel, or splinter. Our composite options offer some of the most beautiful and low-maintenance rail systems available. Composite railing is a great choice to complement any of your porch railing or deck railing needs.


Since vinyl rail is U.V. protected it never needs to be painted. The color goes all the way through the material so scratches or gouges are almost invisible. Although wood rail may initially cost less than vinyl rail, that advantage is soon lost because of painting, repair, maintenance and replacement. Have existing wooden posts that you don’t want to replace? Vinyl post sleeves are a terrific option. The sleeves add color and an updated style, and the vinyl protects wood from rot and decay. Vinyl rail offers a clean modern look, and is available in different colors, so you will always be able to match your home or project.

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