Say goodbye to the days of cluttered docks and fishing gear damage caused by improper storage. With Decks & Docks Lumber Company’s selection of convenient dock boxes and sturdy receptacles, it’s never been easier to keep your dock looking pristine.

All of your aquatic gear can be neatly stored in our spacious dock boxes – no more tripping over the kids’ life jackets or having a perfect sunset view ruined by a messy dock.

With a range of sizes, from our smallest 25” inch long dock boxes up to our 96” wide storage boxes equipped with two louvered vents, we have something for every dock owner. We even stock specialty boxes designed for corners and curved spaces, so you never have to settle for a storage solution that’s less than perfect.

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Benefits Of Dock Boxes and Receptacles

  • BUILT TO LAST SEASON AFTER SEASON. Our wide selection of dock boxes and trash receptacles all have one thing in common – they’re built to last. We know all too well how brutal constant exposure to sun, saltwater, and unpredictable weather conditions can be. That’s why every product we stock, from our lumber to our dock boxes, is made from high-quality, marine-grade materials.

    Our dock boxes have a 3/16” fiberglass coating and rounded edges to protect them from impact, as well as stainless steel hardware to prevent rust. Some of our most popular dock boxes, like the Standard C&M, are even backed by a 5-year warranty – now that’s peace of mind!
  • SAFETY FEATURES. Have you ever accidentally closed a heavy lid on your hand? Ouch!

    You won’t have to worry about smashed fingers with our dock boxes and receptacles. All boxes larger than 70” can be equipped with optional gas shocks to keep them from slamming shut.

    Being able to store your gear in a spacious dock box will also take care of any trip hazards, making your dock a safer place for you and your guests.
  • SEATED DOCK BOXES. We know the value of having multi-purpose tools on a small dock, which is why we also stock a variety of custom and specialty dock boxes that offer more than just storage space.

    Our 51” Dock Box has a built-in seat, allowing you to store all your gear without creating unusable space. Perfect for fishing or simply relaxing outside on a nice day, a seated dock box is a smart investment that takes the place of a chair or bench.
  • HIGH-END BUT AFFORDABLE. At Decks & Docks, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer high-end dock accessories at affordable prices.

    Whether you’re running a bustling marina or a private dock, our selection of stylish dock boxes offer a sturdy storage solution that won’t obscure your view. Even our rough water trash receptacles are easy on the eyes, with a UV-resistant white gel coat that doesn’t chip or fade, rounded edges, and a low-profile. These sleek designs are sure to fit right in with your dock’s decor.

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