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Decks & Docks is more than a lumber company; it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to build and outfit docks and marinas. From safety accessories like ladders and extinguishers – to luxury conveniences like outdoor showers, fish cleaning tables, and power pedestals – Decks & Docks delivers the total package for outdoor living spaces. 

We’re so focused on marina and dock accessories that we even created a division that specializes in the best marina products in the industry. Dock accessories provide fun ways to enhance your dock’s safety, appearance, and functionality. Whether you want to upgrade your private dock or accessorize a commercial marina, Decks & Docks has what you need. 

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Rough weather and docking accidents can cause your boat to bump into your dock. Over time, these minor collisions can wear down your boat and dock, resulting in costly repairs. Dock fenders from top-of-the-line FEND-ALL® provide an easy and affordable way to increase the longevity of your dock. Decks & Docks offers a variety of fender sizes and shapes.

FEND-ALL® dock fenders are double-walled and continuously supported, making them more durable than foam and rubber fenders that decay within a few seasons. These flexible, UV-resistant fenders can withstand exposure to saltwater, gasoline, and marine life.

FEND-ALL® dock fenders are easy to install and have a 10-year life expectancy, backed by a 3-year warranty. Whatever size your dock or boat is, we have a customizable fender to fit your needs.


Keep your dock looking pristine with dock accessories from Decks & Docks. Say goodbye to cluttered docks and fishing gear damage caused by improper storage with Decks & Docks’ selection of convenient dock boxes and sturdy receptacles.

With a range of sizes, from our smallest 25-inch long dock boxes up to our 96-inch wide storage boxes equipped with two louvered vents, we have all of your boat dock accessories needs covered. We even stock specialty boxes designed for corners and curved spaces, so you never have to settle for a storage solution that’s less than perfect.

Our dock boxes and trash receptacles contain high-quality, marine-grade materials built to withstand exposure to the sun, salt water, and unpredictable weather. As dock experts, we know how valuable multi-purpose tools are, so we stock custom and specialty boxes with built-in seats.


Decks & Docks is a proud supplier of high-quality dock ladders. These lake dock accessories are essential whether you prefer to swim, yacht, or sail. That’s why we only carry the best in the industry.

We offer a variety of models in three, four, five, six, seven, and eight-step options. Choose from classic straight ladders, standard lift ladders, finger pier lift ladders, and floating dock lift ladders.


Dock accessories from Decks & Docks allow you to continue enjoying your outdoor space after the sun goes down. Decks & Docks is a full-service supplier of lighting solutions for your deck or dock. Whether you need 110, low-voltage, solar, or underwater lighting, we can advise you on the right option for your project.

Railing post cap lights and undermount lights are a great way to add ambiance and glow. Post-mount and riser lights mark landings for safety and beauty. 

If late-night boat rides are your thing, light up your dock with wharf lights. Solar lights are a great solution if you don’t want to run electricity to your dock but still need lights for safety or comfort. Whatever lighting you’re looking for, Decks & Docks has it or can get it!


As one of the top players in the electrical industry, Eaton has established a reputation as a reliable, safe, and energy-efficient brand. That’s why Decks & Docks Lumber Company is proud to distribute Eaton power pedestals to marinas, docks, and yacht clubs nationwide.

Safely running electricity and fresh water to a busy marina can be challenging, but Eaton’s catalog of solutions makes it easy to control and meter these essential utilities. From power pedestals to lighting bollards, installing these accessories is a cost-effective way to make the dock experience more convenient.

Eaton power pedestals are a leader in durable power solutions. A  rust-resistant and UV-inhibiting resin protects each electrical housing unit and allows it to withstand harsh conditions in various climates. Many of the Eaton power pedestals we carry come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that they will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.


If you love to fish, fishing dock accessories from Decks & Docks provide a high-quality, safe, and convenient solution. Prep your catch outdoors, dispose of the parts you don’t want by tossing them back into the ocean, and never worry about stinking up your boat or your home ever again with fish cleaning stations from Decks & Docks. 

Decks & Docks offers a variety of styles, including 2-legged, 4-legged, and 6-legged tables. All fish cleaning stations contain FDA-approved and bacteria-resistant polyethylene, making them suitable for both home and commercial use.

Portable fish-cleaning table tops are easy to transport between your boat and the dock. A top-only option is a great option for small spaces.

Niagara tables are an even more convenient fish-cleaning solution, creating a constant flow of water over the table’s surface to keep it clean while you work. Whether you need a large table for big catches or a smaller table to fit your modest dock, we have exactly what you need.


Quality mooring dock accessories provide safety and security for your boat. Decks & Docks supplies a robust line of mooring equipment, including cleats, slides, supports, and whips, to deliver continuous safety for any boat on the water.


Piling caps protect the top of dock pilings from water, UV rays, and birds and limit damage at the exposed cut end of the dock piling. Pointed caps discourage birds from roosting. Decks & Docks stocks a superior line of piling caps in multiple sizes and colors. Choose from piling caps, pile wraps, pile sleeves, or SnapJacket for damaged piles to keep your piling strong against sun damage, erosion, wood-boring organisms, and the elements of marine life.

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Decks & Docks is more than a lumber company: it’s a one-stop shop for everything to build and outfit docks and marinas. From safety accessories like ladders and extinguishers to luxury conveniences like outdoor showers, fish cleaning tables, and power pedestals, Decks & Docks delivers the total package for outdoor living spaces.

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