Marine Construction Supplier in Foley, AL

Manager: Dustin Brooks

With thousands of docks lining the canals and waterways, Decks and Docks has carved a path in the Foley, Alabama region. With Dustin as the Branch Manager at this location, he puts his years of knowledge and experience to work every single day. It’s not uncommon to see Dustin on job sites or in the yard pulling orders with his guys. Climbing the ladder from Assistant Manager in Jacksonville, FL to Florida’s Northeast most prominent Outside Sales Rep (just ask Google); Dustin has relocated with his family to now manage the Foley location. Dustin has been awarded many accolades within the company. Hoping to crank out deliveries for all the surrounding counties with Dustin leading the charge, there will never be a dull moment around the Foley location. Drop in on them and check out their showroom.


10062 Tony Drive
Foley, AL 36535

PHONE: 251-441-4451
FAX: 251-336-2200

Hours: 7:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri

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