Piling protection is an important investment into the life of your dock and should be an integral part of your project planning process. Your entire dock depends on the strength and health of your pilings. While piling protection is an additional cost, it is an investment in the longevity and safety of your dock and can save you money in the long run.

If you’ve already constructed a dock or have purchased a property with a dock, it is still possible to protect your pilings after they’ve been embedded and to slow erosion and damage that has already begun. Please note, these solutions should generally be installed by a knowledgeable dock contractor.

Decks & Docks not only carries multiple piling solutions for homeowners and contractors, we also carry piling protection products that can help you regardless of the state of your dock. If you need help choosing the right type of piling protection for your project, whether it’s in the planning stages or already built, Decks & Docks is here to help.


Depending on the current state of your dock and pilings, there are different types of piling protection available that can help you fortify your pilings or stave off dock replacement and keep your pilings healthy and structurally sound.

Decks & Docks carries the following types of piling protection:

  • PILE SLEEVE. Pile sleeves like DuroSleeve consists of a PVC coating that is heat-shrunk onto the pole at the lumber yard. This coating completely covers the pile and ensures that water never touches the wood, ensuring marine organisms like boring worms don’t harm your wood pilings. DuroSleeve also protects your pilings from UV rays. Pile sleeves must be installed before embedding the piles and are the most comprehensive form of protection for your pilings. While pile wraps and SnapJacket may help stop or slow damage, they do not offer the same level of protection as DuroSleeve, which is watertight and installed before damage can begin.
  • PILE WRAP. Once piles are embedded, you can still protect them using pile wrap. Pile wrap must be installed on cleaned piles and consists of black vinyl sheeting that is wrapped around the piles and secured. The vinyl will stretch from just below the mud line to just above the high water mark to help keep out water. Pile wrap protects against marine organisms, UV rays, rot, and decay, and it can lengthen the life of your piles. Pile wrap can be installed on piles that have already suffered some damage as well as on new piles. It should be professionally installed by a reputable dock contractor for best results.
  • PILING CAPS. Piling caps protect the top of your piling from UV rays. They also discourage wayward birds from roosting on your piling and deflect rainwater so it doesn’t collect on top of piling and damage it. Additionally, piling caps can be a stylish addition to your dock. With copper, fiberglass, and LLDPE Metallocene-Based Polymer caps available in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes, you can create an inviting dock that is protected from top to bottom.
  • SNAP JACKET. If your pilings are already suffering from damage but you aren’t ready to replace them yet, SnapJacket can help extend their lifetime. SnapJacket helps repair damaged piles. To begin, two pieces of plastic are “snapped” around the pile to form a casing. Concrete is then poured into this form. The concrete naturally embeds itself in the pilings where decay has eroded the wood, strengthening it. The concrete adds structural stability, while the hard plastic casing can help protect your pilings for up to 50 years.

If you’re not sure which type of piling protection may be best for your dock, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Depending on the material your pilings are made of, you may have different piling protection needs.

Treated Wood Pilings: Treated wood pilings are already protected from rot and marine organisms by a treatment that protects the heartwood. Decks & Docks carries treated wood pilings that are treated to 2.5 CCA, the strongest available level. However, piling protection such as pile sleeves and pile caps further protect the pilings and help them last even longer. If your pilings are already embedded, you still have options for protecting against further damage. Pile wrap and SnapJacket may help you stop further damage to your pilings. To determine which solutions may be most appropriate for your pilings, discuss your needs with a dock expert at Decks & Docks.

Greenheart Piling: This strong wood naturally resists rot and decay, however, that doesn’t mean you should skip out on piling protection. Pile sleeves are a good option for any type of timber piling. Greenheart piling is known to last for decades, though it may benefit from additional protections to help it last even longer.

Fiberglass Piling: This engineered piling is amazingly strong and resistant to most of what nature throws at it. It can handle all types of water, is resistant to rot and decay, and can withstand storm surges. Most fiberglass piling only requires a piling cap, which will help deflect rainwater and discourage bird roosting. To learn more about whether your fiberglass piling may need additional protection, contact Decks & Docks.

You can get your piling protection and your pilings all in the same place from the people who know docks best. Plus, Decks & Docks also carries dock accessories to help you customize your dock to your needs. From fishing tables, dock ladders, dock boxes, and dock lighting, you can ensure your dock is set up just how you want it. Whether you plan to sightsee, fish, paddle board, or launch a boat from your dock, Decks & Docks has what you need to make it a useful, beautiful space that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Decks & Docks is happy to help clients choose the right materials for their projects. Contact us today to learn more about our piling protection products and how they can help your dock last longer.

Piling Protection


Fortify your piling with our range of protective caps, sleeves, and wraps. Keep your piling strong against sun damage, erosion, wood-boring organisms, and anything Mother Nature throws your way.

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