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At Decks & Docks, believe that your dock is an investment that deserves the best protection – that’s why we’re a proud supplier of  FEND-ALL® dock fenders.

Whether you were docking too fast or weather conditions were rough, even the most experienced can accidentally bump into the dock. Over time, these accidents can wear down both your dock and your boat, leading to costly repairs.

Dock fenders from FEND-ALL® provide an easy and affordable way to increase the longevity of your dock. A variety of fender sizes and shapes are available for purchase at your local Decks & Docks.


  • WHY FEND-ALL®? Dock fenders made from foam or rubber tend to chip or decay within a few seasons, becoming unattractive and less effective. FEND-ALL® dock fenders offer a more durable solution.

    Double-walled and continuously supported, FEND-ALL® dock fenders are built for high energy absorption. Made flexible and UV-resistant PVC, they’re built to withstand exposure to saltwater, gasoline, marine life. And because they’re backed by a 3-year warranty and 10-year life expectancy, FEND-ALL® dock protection products can be installed with confidence.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE PROTECTION. The FEND-ALL® dock fenders we supply are available in a variety of sizes to fit docks and vessels of various sizes.

    Customization is easy – with fenders available for corners, straight edges, and pilings, you can protect the areas of your dock that need it most. You can also choose between black and white, depending on what looks best with your dock and boat.

    For custom sizing information, we would love to help you over the phone – contact the Decks & Docks team.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. Installation is quick and can be completed by just one person.

    First, measure the length of the area where you want to install the bumper. You should also measure the distance between the dock and the water so that you can make sure your bumper won’t be submerged. To install post dock bumpers, measure both the length and the width of the post to ensure a proper fit.

    Every dock is different, so you may need to cut your dock bumpers to the appropriate length. Once in place, mark where the holes should go and predrill.

    Attach the bumpers using stainless steel lags. Stainless steel is a bit more expensive than metal, but it will fare much better in a marine environment.


It’s easy to keep your dock and boat in top condition and avoid expensive repairs with FEND-ALL® dock fenders. As an exclusive FEND-ALL® vendor, Decks & Docks is your one-stop shop for dock fenders and everything you need to install them. Contact us to order yours today!


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