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Our Sarasota, FL location is conveniently located directly off Route 301, Washington Blvd, on 20th St in North Sarasota. We serve the greater Sarasota area from Venice, Siesta Key, Rosemary District, North Trail, Longboat Key and to the Bradenton / Palmetto area.


Meet the Sarasota, FL Team

Manager: Matt Billib

Stop into our Sarasota yard and showroom and chat with our Manager Matt Billib and his Assistant Manager Jeff Randolph. Matt and Jeff make a great team and can assist you in bringing your project to life. Our Sarasota location also specializes in custom rebar and stirrups, in addition to wrapped piling – a must to preserve pilings from rot and wood-boring organisms. Vinyl Seawall is popular in the Sarasota and surrounding areas. We carry a large supply of vinyl seawall and seawall accessories, ready to be delivered.


Decks & Docks personifies exceptional customer service and premium supplies. Serving as your ultimate destination, we cater to your diverse needs. Whether you’re envisioning a deck, dock, or seawall gracing Sarasota’s mesmerizing coastline, we’re your trusted companion. Leveraging our specialized expertise in marine construction, we’re the preferred choice for Sarasota’s homeowners, contractors, marinas, and golf courses. Expect unparalleled insights and flagship offerings, including Marine Guard Piling, underscored by unwavering dedication. Enhance your project’s efficiency with our streamlined delivery services. Your satisfaction remains paramount in the captivating realm of Sarasota, FL.

Marine Guard Piling

Piling keeps your dock supported and out of the water. Good piling is the basis of any long-lasting dock. It protects against destructive marine organisms and the harsh sun with piling caps and vinyl sleeves. With the right installation and materials, piling will last you throughout years of bad weather and marine degradation.

The types of piling we offer include treated wood, greenheart, marine guard, eco, composite and fiberglass. We also sell piling caps, wraps, and sleeves for ultimate protection.

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