power pedestal, What are Power Pedestals?

What are Power Pedestals?

Whether you need to charge a personal watercraft or just need a place to plug in your phone, a power pedestal is a safe, efficient, and reliable way to get power to a private dock or commercial marina.

Learn all about power pedestals, the types of pedestals available, safety tips, and how they can enhance the leisure time you spend on your dock.

What are power pedestals?

Power pedestals are electrical housing units used to safely run electricity out to a private dock, marina, or waterside home. They work by running electrical cables from a supply transformer down through a dock and into a pedestal, providing shore power to vessels of all sizes.

Specially designed to be resistant to corrosion, rust, weathering, and UV damage from the sun, power pedestals can withstand harsh marine environments while providing anywhere from 125 amps per unit to up to 480 amps of electricity. Many pedestal models also come equipped with additional features, like internet connections, cable TV and phone outlets, fire extinguisher storage, and more.

Modern power pedestals come in a variety of unique styles, from the classic Lighthouse to the elegant Hatteras Light, so you can easily add functionality to your dock without sacrificing its appearance.

The Benefits of a Power Pedestal 

A power pedestal is an investment, but for marina owners and even private dock owners who want to make the most of their leisure time with friends and family, it’s an investment worth making. 

Here are some key benefits to consider if you’re thinking about adding a power pedestal to your dock:

  • Unparalleled Convenience. For homeowners, power pedestals are an incredibly easy way to charge up personal watercraft or set up an internet connection on your boat. 
  • Increased Revenue. For marina managers, power pedestals are an attractive feature for tech-savvy boat owners—and help you stand out from the competition, bringing in more customers and making your marina more profitable. 
  • Remote Electrical Usage Metering. Get more accurate electrical meter readings for individual boats. Modern brands like Eaton even allow for remote pairing with wireless metering, which means for easier and more accurate management.
  • Improved Safety. Power pedestals can also be used to store fire extinguishers and life rings  for easy access. At night, a power pedestal can provide 360-degrees of light to help prevent accidents as well as alarm strobes. 
  • Exceptional Durability. Built to withstand marine weather conditions, these high-quality devices are made from molded resin material and coated with UV-resistant polyurethane or powder coated Stainless Steel. 
  • Impressive Power. Despite their compact size, power pedestals can supply shore power to vessels as small as personal boats or as large as luxury yachts. Managing power for large promotional events or festivals is a breeze with a small yet mighty power pedestal! 

Power Pedestal Usage & Safety Tips

Power pedestals come standard with safety features that keep the electricity source protected from water, storms, and fires. However, it’s still important to know how to use shore power safely to prevent accidents. 

Here are some tips for using power pedestals safely:

  1. Always make sure that the power pedestal’s circuit breaker is turned off before unplugging the cord. 
  2. When handling the cord, you should always make sure it has some slack to allow for boat movement. A cord that is too tense can put tension on the power connection at either end, causing the power pedestal to overheat.
  3. Keep your cords in areas where they won’t be crushed, and replace any damaged cords immediately.
  4. Reliable shore power allows you to enjoy the comforts of home on your boat, but you shouldn’t leave electronic devices plugged in and unattended in the same way you might at home. Extra care should be taken to unplug appliances and turn off shore power while you’re away.

If you’re particularly concerned about the overall safety of your dock or marina, we recommend the Eaton Firehouse. The Firehouse comes with either a 10 or 20 lb extinguisher, as well as optional features like a strobe light, a siren, and a life ring.

Decks & Docks Recommends: Eaton Power Pedestals

Here at Decks & Docks, we’re proud to carry the nation’s leading marine supply and accessory brands. When it comes to power pedestals, there’s one brand we trust most: Eaton. Eaton Power Pedestals are famous for their range, durability, and reliability.

Have a small, private dock that doesn’t require much power? The compact Eaton Hatteras pedestal or the Harbor Mate wall mounting unit has all standard features you need at just 30 inches tall. Need an electrical powerhouse capable of serving an entire marina? The Eaton Lighthouse or Lighthouse SS features all the bells and whistles to provide a true luxury experience for your guests, from high-speed internet connectivity to wireless remote metering.

Learn More About Power Pedestals & Other Dock Accessories

A power pedestal is a great addition to any home dock or commercial marina that needs a reliable and safe source of electricity. To learn how you can add a state-of-the-art Eaton Power Pedestal to your dock or marina, get in touch with the Decks & Docks team. Our team will help you find the right pedestal for your needs.

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