Enjoy the View with Atlantis® Rail

Whether your project requires indoor or outdoor railing, Atlantis® Rail has a railing system that can help provide both beauty and safety.

Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Atlantis® Rail prides itself on its easy-to-install rail systems that deliver professional results. With numerous options available, these systems are customizable to suit your needs.

Atlantis Rail

Types of Atlantis® Railing Systems

Atlantis® Rail Systems offers multiple different stainless steel cable railing systems for both residential and commercial settings.

Residential Railings

Magnify the beauty of your home—and your view—with exceptional residential railings from Atlantis® Rail. Whether you’re looking for cable railing, stainless steel railing, or glass railing, Atlantis® Rail has a system that will work beautifully with your home.

RailEasy™ Cable Railing combines the aesthetic of wood with that of stainless steel. Decks & Docks can help you choose your lumber and Atlantis® Rail fittings. RailEasy™Cable Railing is available in heights of 36” or 42” for straight sections and 36” for stairs. This system includes RailEasy™ Tensioner, RailEasy™ Swivels, and RailEasy™ Cable.

RailEasy™ Nautilus features brushed stainless steel for interior or polished stainless steel top and bottom rails, combined with stainless steel cables and patented fittings for a clean finish. RailEasy™Nautilus is available in heights of 36” or 42” for straight sections and 36” for stairs. This system includes RailEasy™ tensioner, RailEasy™ Cable, and RailEasy™ tubing. RailEasy sleeves can be added for cable inserts if desired.

The RailEasy™ Glass system features wood or vinyl posts, stainless steel top and bottom rails, and glass infill. Standard rail heights apply. This system comes with the RailEasy™ Glass Panel kit (glass not included) with pre-attached glass connectors and RailEasy ™ Straight Sidemounts.

HandiSwage™ Cable Railing is installed like traditional swage fittings. They create a clean aesthetic look that is attractive and easy to install. HandiSwage™ Cable Railing is available in heights of 36” or 42” for straight sections and 36” for stairs. This system includes HandiSwage™ Standard Stud, HandiSwage™ Cable, and choice of Cover Nut Set.

SunRail™ Nautilus features stainless steel rails, handrails, and posts. This system comes in standard rail heights of 36” or 42” for straight sections and 36” for stairs. The SunRail™ Nautilus rail system includes RailEasy™ tensioner, RailEasy™ Cable, and RailEasy™ tubing for the posts.

SunRail™ Latitude features stainless steel posts and cables combined with a wooden handrail, not included. With the RailEasy™ Tensioners and swivel ends, installation is easy. Also comes with tubing in a brushed for interior or polished finish.

The Spectrum System features Stainless Steel powder coated square posts that come in a variety of finishes and is meant to be combined with a wooden top rail. The system includes use of the Handiswage fittings and cable.

SunRail™ Glass railing can help maximize the view from your property. Polished or brushed, for interior use. Stainless steel rails combined with special glass clips make for a modern rail with maximum visibility. Glass is not included.

ADA Compliant Railing is available when required. The Atlantis® Rail ADA Compliant System meets all code approvals.

Benefits of Atlantis® Rail Systems

Atlantis® Rail Systems aren’t just good looking. They come with a host of benefits:

Durable. Installing Atlantis® Rail Systems is an investment into your home or commercial property. Atlantis® Rail Systems are long-lasting and durable. Stainless steel components resist corrosion and last for decades when properly installed.

Low-maintenance. Cable rail systems benefit from routine cleaning, though how frequently you’ll need to wipe down your system depends on where your railings are located and what they come in contact with. The same goes for glass systems, which can easily be wiped down with glass cleaner for a like-new transparency.

Simple installation. Atlantis® Rail makes it easy to install their gorgeous railing systems for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. With plenty of instructional materials—from downloadable .pdfs to videos—Atlantis® Rail does its best to ensure you will be able to install your system properly and enjoy it for years to come.

Modern, yet classic aesthetics. Depending on the rail system you choose, your cable system may look ultra-sleek and modern, or maintain a more classic, almost rustic attractiveness. Atlantis® Rail makes systems that work beautifully with wooden posts and handrails. In addition, lighting and accessory options can help you personalize your railing so that it truly captures the style of your home or property.

Unobtrusive. Don’t interrupt your views with chunky railings. Cable and glass railings can help you maximize your view and help you feel more at one with your surroundings, whether it’s a cityscape, a beach view, or just your backyard, cable and glass railing systems allow you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the beauty that lies beyond your walls. Indoors, cable railings can help a space look bigger. The ability to see through the railing helps emphasize the amount of space in a room. Solid or clunkier railings can do the opposite, making a space look smaller and more constrained. Atlantis® Rail Systems help you make the most of what you have.

Benefits of Atlantis Rail Systems
Lighting and rail accessories

Lighting and Rail Accessories

Finish off your deck in style with coordinating lighting components and rail accessories. Lighting for outdoor railing and stairs can help provide a sense of safety. Atlantis® Rail Systems offers LED post caps as well as surface mounted LED lights. In addition, for those interested in the RailEasy™ system, sleeves, caps, and post bases are available to create a clean, finished look.

Decks & Docks: Proud Atlantis® Rail Systems Dealer

Decks & Docks is a proud dealer of high-quality Atlantis® Rail Systems. To learn more about the various systems available and which may be best suited for your particular needs, contact a Decks & Docks professional today.