hidden deck fasteners, 5 Key Benefits of a Hidden Deck Fastening System

5 Key Benefits of a Hidden Deck Fastening System

When it comes to building a deck, the smallest details matter more than you’d think. You know about lumber types, ladders, and piling protection – but have you considered the actual pieces that hold your deck together?

One of the handiest options available to you is a hidden deck fasteners. As the name would imply, these little components are great for constructing your deck while remaining discrete and unnoticeable.

Let’s talk about how it works, the main perks of installing a hidden deck fastening system, and how it can help your specific project.

How Do Hidden Fasteners Work?

If you’ve ever checked out decking materials, you may have noticed grooved edges running along the length of each board. These grooves are for hidden fastener installation.

Once the deck frame is ready, your builder will set down a board and align a fastener clip or specialized tool to keep the board in place. Then, they’ll drive in screws at an angle on the side of the board into the frame, instead of directly down from the top. This hides the screws between each board.

Depending on your brand of decking material, there are different types of hidden fastening systems available. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for the system you’ll need or just give us a call if you need a hand.

Now, let’s go over the benefits of having hidden fasteners on your future deck.

1. A Beautifully Smooth Finish

Everyone wants the same thing from their deck: for it to look good and feel good.

One of the biggest benefits of installing a hidden deck fastening system is providing a sleek and smooth surface. You can walk on these decks with bare feet and never have to keep an eye out for loose screws or bent nails.

Traditional decks have hardware all over to keep the wood secured. By using a hidden deck fastener to tie each board together, you no longer have to use those nails on top of each board. That smoothes out each surface for a beautiful polished look and feel.

2. Durability Against the Elements

When screws and nails are visible, that also means they’re exposed to the weather and anything Mother Nature has to throw at them.

Over time, you’ll begin to see corrosion or rust on metal screws and nails. That compromises the strength of your deck and doesn’t look particularly appealing either. 

Rust weakens most metals and threatens the stability of your deck. This can be exacerbated by temperature changes. Boards will expand or contract according to the weather. If boards are taking on moisture from the air around them, that means they’re fighting for space with nails and screws – as well as exposing them to rust-causing agents.

Hidden deck fasteners, on the other hand, are useful for braving the elements when used on weather-resistant boards. They’re able to withstand boards shrinking and contracting, and are shielded from the harshest treatment from rain and snow.

3. A Wood Flooring Aesthetic

Hidden fasteners can make the boards on your outdoor deck look almost identical to the hardwood flooring inside of your home.

When people think of a wooden deck, most don’t envision one littered with screws and nails. Hidden deck fasteners give you a beautiful wooden aesthetic that can go modern or classic depending on your preferences.

No rusty nails that push up splinters over time. No warped panels that show their age. Your deck will look fresh and beautiful for years to come – giving you a worthwhile investment that costs less to maintain than traditional options.

After all, what’s better than sipping a cold drink out in the summertime on a beautiful deck that matches the natural beauty of your surroundings? Hidden deck fasteners will make that an experience you can have time and time again.

4. Easy Installation

Even though it’s often considered the standard, installing a deck with screws and nails is a huge, time-consuming task. It requires a lot of tedious focus and is hard to keep neat.

While installing hidden fasteners also takes a considerable amount of time, they require less ongoing maintenance. This saves you time and money in the long run.

Hidden fasteners fit perfectly into tiny slots on the side of each board and only require one or two screws before they’re fully secured. They’re easy to install – and you won’t have to sacrifice quality for speed, either.

However, hidden fastening systems aren’t compatible with every type of decking board. Be sure to ask your contractor before installation begins if you’re interested. Our premier board brands, including Trex, Azek, and TimberTech, all have grooved sides for use with hidden fasteners.

5. Safer for Children and Pets

For those of you with families, human or otherwise, your number one concern with your new deck should be everyone’s safety.

A deck should be a place for your children and pets to play on and run around safely for years to come. But when a nail unknowingly comes loose, disaster is right around the corner for unsuspecting feet and paws. A hidden deck fastening system provides a smooth finish and keeps the integrity of your deck intact.

A smooth finish – especially when coupled with composite materials or a sealed top coating – can help avoid splinters for your and your family’s feet. Everyone can walk on the deck comfortably and safely.

With hidden fasteners, your kids can sprint across the deck to jump in the water without worry.

Consider a Hidden Deck Fastening System for Your Future Deck

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of installing a hidden deck fasteners, think about installing one on your future deck.

If you’re thinking about other deck details, check out our recent blog about easy landscaping ideas, too.

For more information or help figuring out of your deck is compatible with hidden fasteners, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page. We’ll be happy to help you and answer your questions.