Trex decking, Why We Trust Trex Decking

Why We Trust Trex Decking

Trex, the world’s largest manufacturer of composite decking and railings, was founded in 1996. In the 21 years since its inception, they’ve made a splash in the decking world. At Decks & Docks, we’re proud to carry the outstanding products Trex manufactures. Here’s why.

Trex is an Innovator

Trex disrupted the decking world in 1996 when it began selling a new product— wood-thermoplastic composite decking boards, or simply put, composite decking boards. The process by which these boards are made was patented in 1995 and includes a process for recycling spent sawdust and used plastic into gorgeous boards.

While the boards have a similar look to wood, they have their own beauty. In addition, they don’t suffer from some of the issues that wood decking can fail prey to. For example, Trex decking doesn’t rot or fade like wood decking can. Trex, when properly maintained, has a longer lifespan than wood decking and is easier to maintain.

We appreciate that Trex is utilizing items that would otherwise end up in landfills to help homeowners craft beautiful decks. Sawdust, old wood pallets, wood fiber, and wood chips often compose the wood aspect of Trex decking boards, while plastic bags, packing films, and plastic wraps make up the polyethylene plastic part of the board. Thanks to Trex, 200,000 tons of wood waste and plastic are kept of our landfills yearly. In one 500-square-foot deck alone, Trex products can use over 120,000 pieces of plastic wrap.

Trex’s sustainable practices have been verified by the International Code Council Evaluation Service, which ensures that Trex boards are produced from a minimum of 95.4% post-consumer products.

Trex Makes Award-Winning Products

Trex products have won the company plenty of recognition. They have been recognized for their quality, as well as their design by groups such as the Builder Magazine, Houzz, and Design Journal. In 2016, Trex won the North American Deck & Railing Association National Deck Competition. Their exhaustive awards cover every category and with the company’s continued drive to innovate both in the manufacturing and design of their boards, the list will only grow longer.

Trex Makes it Easy for Homeowners

No one wants to worry about their deck all of the time. With Trex longlasting boards and their clear maintenance instructions, homeowners can enjoy their decks instead of fretting over sanding or staining. Numerous colors and styles allow homeowners and contractors to create unique decks that match a home’s style. Plus, with simple maintenance instructions on their website, Trex owners can keep their decks looking great for years to come.

Trex Cares

In addition to producing quality products in an eco-friendly fashion, Trex gives back to the community through recycling programs and environmental projects. From helping kids get into recycling to providing materials for a boardwalk in the Maui Wildlife Refuge Complex, Trex takes its commitment to the community seriously. Not only do their boards help reduce consumer waste, but Trex itself assists in educational efforts to help keep our environment clean and healthy.

Decks & Docks: Proud Carriers of Trex Decking

We love decks and believe they help add to value and beauty of a home. And with Trex’s long history of excellence and innovation, we can be proud to recommend it to our clients. Decks & Docks is a Trex Elite Dealer and has worked with Trek for decades. We carry numerous Trek products, including lighting, pergolas, and outdoor staircases so homeowners can design a complete outdoor space that speaks to their style and location.

If you’d like to learn more about our Trex products, don’t hesitate to call or stop by. We’d be happy to tell you why we trust Trex decking and help you choose the best products for your project.