under deck storage ideas, Check Out Our Under Deck Storage Ideas

Check Out Our Under Deck Storage Ideas

If you feel like the open space underneath your deck is going to waste being unused, you’re in luck. You can maximize the appeal of your deck by transforming this space, turning it into a convenient storage area for garden tools, furniture, or outdoor recreational items.

In this guide, we cover accessible ideas for making the most of the space and how to approach them. 


Before You Begin 

Before you decide to try some of these under-deck storage ideas, you’ll want to think about your environment. What kind of weather does your area get? Is your deck on a slope? Considering where your deck is built is just as important as considering what’s going to go under it.


The area under your deck can be relatively waterproofed to protect your belongings from moisture, or reinforced to prevent the area from being flooded during storms. 

On top of this, you’ll want to crack out the measuring tape. Typically a space 30 inches or taller will give you the most utility. Take measurements for every dimension of the space under your deck and record them for later. 


Creating a Space

With the above in mind, it’s time to start making some decisions. Depending on what exactly you want to store under your deck will affect how the area should be prepped. Waterproof items can survive in an unlined area for a time, while things such as gardening tools and bags of potting soil need a little more protection. 


However, to get the most longevity and protection out of your new storage area, it’ll be in your best interest to reinforce it. This can be done by lining the walls (and/or floor) of the space to obscure your belongings from sight and protect them from moisture. This lining also creates distinct square footage within which you can organize, and keeps your items contained within that space. 

Here are several ways to section off room for under-deck storage.


Non-waterproof Screening

One of the most simple and cost-effective ways to create a storage space beneath your deck is to fit a screen, lattice, or trellis around the outside. These types of barriers obscure your belongings from view while creating an attractive look for the lower perimeter of your deck. 

Keep in mind that this simple barrier will not prevent your items from getting wet when it rains. Items such as hose pipes, PVC piping, small watercraft, and wheelbarrows can typically survive in this space just fine. 

Non-waterproof Screening with Dry Solutions

You can put basic plastic flooring down to prevent mud splash and mold. You can always store other items in water-tight plastic bins or under a tarp. 


Siding or Cladding

Another simple deck storage space idea is to use siding to block off storage under-deck areas, which will give you a more solid barrier. You can choose a style and texture to suit the design and layout of your home. To prevent moisture from getting into the setup, you can line the siding with plastic tarp. This can create a warm environment in warmer climates, however, so keep in mind that the items you’re storing are resistant to heat. 


Removable Panel or Door

Once you’ve decided on the kind of storage space you want, don’t forget to include a doorway— especially for larger walk-in spaces. You can keep it simple with a removable panel in your siding of choice, or install a door in the siding. While both options will help hide your belongings from view, a hinged door allows the option of adding a lock, and additional security.


Within-Space Storage Ideas

Once you’ve set up your space, you can fill it with convenient storage racks, drawers, shelves, hangers, and the like. There are plenty of ideas to choose from. 


Sliding Drawers

If you’re working with a limited vertical space underneath your deck, you can make the most of it by adding slide-out drawers to the space. These can be custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your deck, either by yourself or by a specialty contractor.


If you decide to make them yourself, keep in mind the carpenter’s motto: measure twice, cut once. Storage vessels that are made to sit flush with each other (such as drawers) can quickly become a pain if they are ill-fitting and awkward. 


Deck Boxes and Large Storage

Deck boxes are a classic piece of patio storage that are just as useful for organization under your deck. If you have a raised deck you may have space to fit multiple deck boxes, allowing you to keep your belongings separated and enclosed. These also provide a measure of waterproofing for your items, so you can protect them from moisture if you’re not able to waterproof the whole storage area. 


Ceiling Mounted Racks

If you’re working with a decent amount of vertical space, ceiling mounted racks suspend your items off the ground, freeing more space underneath and keeping them away from ground moisture. These racks vary in material and weight they can hold, so consider carefully your humidity conditions and what you want to store on them. 

Hangers, Hooks, and More

You can further make the most of your vertical space by installing a range of hooks, hangers, wall-mounted racks, and more of the like. Small or unruly items such as hoses, chains, and small tools are better kept off the floor both for the care of the item and for your own safety while moving around in the space. 


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The space under your deck doesn’t have to remain unused. You can make the most of your beautiful deck by taking advantage of it from all angles! Whether you choose to build up your storage space yourself or seek the help of a contractor, you’ll want access to the best quality materials. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to implement these under-deck storage ideas.

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