decorating small deck, 10 Tips for Decorating Small Deck Spaces

10 Tips for Decorating Small Deck Spaces

Your outdoor deck can be an excellent place for relaxing and entertaining, even if you do not have a lot of space. The experts at Decks & Docks are masters at helping homeowners craft unique outdoor spaces. Check out our tips for decorating small deck spaces that will help you maximize your square footage.

1. Minimize Clutter When Decorating Small Deck Spaces

Any space someone uses for a long time tends to accumulate clutter, and decks are no exception. Decluttering will help you eliminate items that don’t add value to your space and provide you with a blank slate to work with while considering small deck decorating ideas.

When deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, ask yourself how often you use each item and whether some other article serves the same purpose. Eliminate duplicates and anything you rarely use.

Identify and prioritize items that serve more than one function, such as an ottoman that also has storage. Move statues to the surrounding garden area and choose wall art that doesn’t obstruct walkways.

2. Choose the Right Table

A patio table is often the centerpiece when decorating small deck spaces. Tables are multifunctional and can serve as a place to eat, drink, play games, or just hang out.

However, they can also take up a lot of space. Choose round tables instead of square ones to make moving around the table easier.

When choosing the size of your table, consider how many people you expect to regularly host on your deck at one time. For example, if you typically only have four people on the deck, using up a lot of space with a table that seats eight probably doesn’t make sense.

Consider whether you need a table at all. Tables can be helpful, but if you don’t plan to engage in activities where you need one, it may make more sense to utilize chairs with side tables instead of taking up a lot of real estate with a patio table. Placing chairs and side tables around the edges of your deck is an excellent way to create an open area and increase the versatility of your deck space.

3. Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

When decorating small deck spaces, some compromises are necessary. However, sacrificing comfort for space shouldn’t be one of them.

Avoid bulky furniture where the bulk is mostly an aesthetic component. However, don’t choose seating options that are so small and uncomfortable that nobody wants to sit on the deck.

Built-in seating around your deck’s perimeter is a great space-saving option that can accommodate multiple guests comfortably and facilitate implementing open deck ideas. Choosing loveseats over full couches or multiple chairs can also save space.

Prioritize furniture that you can use for more than one thing. For example, you can install benches with built-in storage units. Use your under-bench storage compartments to hold cushions that you can put out on the deck to accommodate extra guests and then put away when they leave.

4. Take Advantage of Underutilized Space

One of the best ways to maximize the usable space when decorating small deck spaces is to take advantage of underutilized areas, such as the space between chairs, small corners between walls or railings, recessed corners and edges, and overhead hanging space.

Fill these areas with essentials and decor, but don’t overload them and block the walkways. If you have rafters or a sturdy awning, you can add hanging storage, plants, lighting, or decorative items without using up floor space.

Utilize the space under furniture for storage boxes. Consider adding hooks to railings to add more storage options.

5. Strategically Add Plants

When decorating small deck spaces, you can add life to a dull space and boost the aesthetic appeal by strategically using plants. However, plants don’t just look nice – they can also be functional.

Some varieties of geraniums, lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass repel insects, such as flies, spiders, and mosquitos. However, plants may attract bees, so be careful if you or a guest is allergic to stings.

Save space by utilizing hanging containers, planter boxes, and wall-hanging planters. In addition, consider planting a small fruit tree near your deck or putting potted kitchen herbs on your deck rails to enhance your cooking and add pleasant fragrances.

6. Limit Patterns & Colors

An interesting pattern or pop of color can add visual appeal to your deck space. However, mixing and matching too many patterns and colors can make your deck feel smaller than it is.

When buying new furniture and decor for decorating small deck spaces, decide on a color palette before you shop. Neutral colors like beige, cream, gray, and white work well for large furniture pieces. Add visual interest by purchasing colorful or patterned pillows, rugs, and decorations and adding plants.

If your deck area seems a bit bland, consider changing the pattern of your deck boards. However, whichever options you choose, pick one accent color and stick with it.

Anchor your deck decor by adding an outdoor rug. Choose a rug made from a synthetic material that resists UV rays and is easy to clean.

7. Maximize Space With Lighting Choices

Light fixtures that occupy floor space aren’t ideal for decorating small deck spaces. Instead, make use of walls and railings to save space. Decks & Docks offers a variety of lighting solutions that enhance your area without creating clutter.

Wall-Mounted Lighting

Wall-mounted options require regular cleaning to remove outdoor dust and dirt but add visual flair and illumination without taking up floor space. Walls are a good choice for larger light fixtures that provide substantial illumination.

Under-Rail Lighting

Under-rail options include ambient light that provides a modern, minimalist look. However, if you prefer a quirky or retro presentation, you can also string up Christmas lights, red tamale lights, or colorful LED strips.

Floor Lights

You can use inset floor lights to highlight pathways and frame spaces. Floor lights are also helpful in increasing safety on stairs. However, because these lights provide limited illumination, you probably need to pair them with other lighting options.

Tall Garden Lamps

Installing tall garden lamps around the edges of your deck adds substantial light and can draw moths away from the deck area. It also adds charm and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

8. Add Shade

Sunshine on your deck may be welcome in the winter but can make decks in warm climates nearly unusable during the hot parts of the summer. Shade options increase the comfort of your deck area and protect guests from harmful UV radiation.

Consider adding temporary or permanent shade options when decorating small deck spaces, such as umbrellas, awnings, or sail shades, increasing the comfort and safety of your deck area. As a bonus, some shade options can also keep your home cooler.

9. Install a Fire Pit

If you have decided to forgo a patio table, consider using the space to install a fire pit. Fire pits make a great gathering area and add warmth in the cooler months.

However, make sure you choose an option that is safe to put on your deck and will fit in the amount of space you have. Additionally, check the laws in your area before you start.

10. Expand Your Space

If you’ve concluded that you just can’t fit everything you want in the space you have, consider expanding your deck. Decks & Docks can provide the advice and materials you need. Contact our team to learn more about our lumber and composite decking options.

Contact Decks & Docks for Help With Decorating Small Deck Spaces

With careful planning, the possibilities for your small deck are endless. Whether you need ideas for decorating your small deck space, ideas to improve your deck’s privacy, or help to pick out the materials and supplies you need, contact the Decks & Docks team.