will an outdoor rug damage a wood deck, Will an Outdoor Rug Damage a Wood Deck?

Will an Outdoor Rug Damage a Wood Deck?

You’ve got your outdoor deck built and looking great. The wood material helps it stand out, but maybe you’d like to put your own spin on it to make it look even better.

Many people quickly turn to an outdoor rug as the answer. It won’t just enhance your deck’s appearance, but will also make it more comfortable to stand on.

Many people hesitate to get an outdoor deck because they’re worried a rug will damage their deck. Will an outdoor rug damage a wood deck? Let’s find out.

Can Outdoor Rugs Cause Damage to Decks?

Outdoor rugs have the potential to damage wooden decks, but there’s more to the story.

Damage typically occurs when you use outdoor rugs with natural fibers. Those fibers absorb water which means they are a prime location for mold and mildew to grow. Over time, it can spread to your wood and cause wood rot.

Synthetic fibers are a better choice to avoid this problem. They don’t carry the same moisture problem so you can prevent wood rot.

Composite decking is an entirely different story. Since this type of wood is water-resistant, it’s more resistant to mold and mildew. However, you will need to avoid synthetic materials with latex, rubber, or metal grommets.

Why Use an Outdoor Rug on Your Deck?

Are rugs worth the risk and money? Here are some benefits you’ll see when getting a deck rug.

Protect Your Deck

Although an outdoor rug may pose some risks, that doesn’t mean it won’t work to protect your deck. The UV rays from the sun and other elements will take their toll on your deck. A rug can help minimize the impact and keep your deck in excellent condition.


Deck designs can offer a lot of beauty to your deck and outdoor space. Consider adding outdoor furniture and other aesthetic elements to make your deck shine. With all the different styles of rugs available, you can turn your deck into a unique destination that stands out.


Some people believe that outdoor carpet on wood decks won’t last long — that the elements will quickly destroy their rug and cost them money. However, outdoor rugs are durable and will give you your money’s worth over time.

Easy Maintenance

Even if your decor looks great, you don’t want to spend much time keeping it clean. Luckily, outdoor rugs don’t have that problem. Wash your rug now and again, and call it a day.

The Best Types of Outdoor Rugs for Decks

You have numerous options for outdoor rugs, so you may not know which is the right rug for you. Below are the best types of rugs to consider.


Polypropylene is a stain-resistant rug that’s easy to clean and fade-resistant. It can handle moisture well and won’t fall apart under heavy foot traffic. It’s a synthetic rug, but it still feels like a rug with natural fibers.


Polyester rugs have the ability to resist discoloration. They’re great if you use your rug in an eating area since they also resist stains. Like other synthetic rugs, they’re durable and hold up well in high-traffic areas.


Nylon rugs are another option if you’re concerned about your rug fading. It’s safe to get dirty since it won’t stain easily and will hold up to people walking on it. But unlike other options, be careful about putting it into the sunlight — it can get hot underneath.

Jute & Sisal

Jute & Sisal is a natural fiber rug that’s sturdy and reasonably priced. It’s comfortable and made out of environmentally friendly and high-quality rug materials. However, these rugs retain a lot of moisture and fade in sunlight, so be careful where you place them.

Preventing Your Rug From Damaging Your Deck

Found the perfect rug for your deck area? It’s time to learn how to care for it. Follow the tips below to keep your rug in shape and prevent it from damaging your deck.

Clean Your Rug and Deck Regularly

Dirt, debris, and grime will accumulate on your rug over time. It will gather on the rug and often get stuck underneath. Clean the top of the rug and underneath to eliminate the mess.

Clean Up Messes as They Happen

Even if you have a rug resistant to messes, you can’t expect miracles if you ignore messes when they happen. The longer you leave a mess someone made, the more of a chance of it sticking around and becoming difficult to remove. Eliminate messes as soon as they occur to make cleaning easier.

Dry Your Rug When It Gets Wet

Depending on the type of rug you have, and if you have a natural wood deck, moisture will be a big problem with a rug. You risk mold and mildew forming unless you dry it when it gets wet. Dry your rugs after it rains to reduce this chance.

Don’t Put a Rug Down on a Damp Deck

Moisture isn’t only a problem for your deck. If you place your rug on a deck that’s already wet, it can slow down how fast your deck dries and encourage mildew and mold. The moisture will also break down natural fibers and damage your rug.

Don’t Use a Rug to Cover Up Damage

Using a rug to cover up damage is the last thing you want to do. Yes, you can mask problems like rotten planks and splinters. However, the more you ignore the problem, the greater your chance of making the issue worse.

Get Started on Your Decking Project With the Knowledge of Experts

Now that you understand how outdoor area rugs impact decking projects, and how to pick the right one, it’s time to build a deck to put your rug on.

Are you interested in speaking with an expert to get started? Contact us for advice or materials for your project! At Decks & Docks, we offer the highest-quality decking materials that stand up to the elements. We’ll guide you through the process and help you pick out the right materials to build the perfect deck for your home!