, 5 Deck Designs & Patterns to Inspire You

5 Deck Designs & Patterns to Inspire You

PR Newswire reports that a staggering 90% of Americans think their outdoor living space is more valuable now than ever before. This inspired nearly 80% of homeowners to upgrade their outdoor spaces during the pandemic.

According to “The Future of Home Design” survey, one of the most common home improvement projects homeowners undertook for their backyard was a new deck.

There are a plethora of deck ideas to explore and consider, which can seem daunting for some. So let’s dive into deck designs that will inspire your backyard deck project!

Deck Types

There are several elements to consider when building your new deck. Let’s first take a look at some common types of decks to get started on your design.

, 5 Deck Designs & Patterns to Inspire You

Platform Decks

A platform deck is a detached, ground-level deck, typically in the shape of a rectangle. It’s not connected to the house, so you can put it anywhere in your outdoor area.

Since platform decks rest a few inches above the ground, they don’t require deep deck footings, deck railings, or stairs. Because they lack support, they are best for small decks.

This deck design idea is great for those who want to build a DIY deck or are looking for low-cost deck options.



, 5 Deck Designs & Patterns to Inspire You

Raised Decks

A raised deck (or elevated deck) is a deck that is higher off the ground and attached to the house. It’s one of the most commonly used deck plans for homeowners across the country, especially wraparound decks.

However, you’ll need to consult your local building codes before you build, because raised decks require a building permit.

If you live in an area with intense storms and storm surges, consider a raised deck made from grated decking. The polypropylene material allows water and sunlight to pass through its unique pattern of cutouts.


Freestanding Decks

A freestanding deck is similar to a platform deck in that it isn’t attached to the house. However, freestanding decks have a self-supporting structure built away from the house wall ledge board. This allows them to hold more weight for amenities like a built-in seating or a hot tub.

A freestanding deck is your optimal choice if you want a pool deck surrounding an above-ground pool.

Freestanding decks are also an excellent DIY project for those with moderate carpentry skills.

, 5 Deck Designs & Patterns to Inspire You

Multi-Level Decks

A multi-level deck consists of several separate decks on various levels that connect by a stairway. Often, homes are built on rugged terrain require multi-level decks. Hills, slopes, and rocky landscaping cannot accommodate typical deck ideas without leveling the land, which is expensive.

Varied deck levels give you ample space to build different outdoor rooms. For instance, perhaps in one “room,” you have a fire pit with built-in benches, and in another “room,” you have an outdoor kitchen accompanied by an outdoor dining area.



, 5 Deck Designs & Patterns to Inspire You

Two-Story Decks

A two-story deck is a deck that projects from the home more than 30 inches above the adjacent grade. It doesn’t exceed the second story level and is supported from the ground.

You can turn a two-story deck into a covered deck to enjoy even during unfavorable weather.




Deck Patterns

Once you choose which deck type you want to build, it’s time to consider the pattern you want for your deck boards. Here are some popular pattern ideas for deck designs.


Single-width is where the inlay comprises the same width of boards across the entire deck. This is the most common pattern for outdoor decks as it evokes a classic style and won’t clash with other design elements, like a pergola.

Picture Frame

The picture frame pattern is when you run at least one layer of deck board around the deck’s perimeter at the edge of the inlay. The design is subtle but still traditional and polished looking.


To create the pinstripe pattern, you lay two narrow boards and a standard or wide-width board on either side. The design is relaxing and perfect for creating tropical villa vibes.


The diagonal inlay is a perfect pattern for those wanting a dynamic design. In the center of the deck, boards stream from left to right. This design can help imply a gentle traffic flow for larger decks to create a multi-dimensional outdoor space.


If you’re going for a luxury look, you should consider the herringbone pattern. You form the design by duplicating two deck boards meeting at 45-degree angles. It creates a criss-crossed design like woven textiles for an elegant and intricate style.


The geometric tile design is when you connect framed tiles that run perpendicular to one another. The look is pleasing and crisp as the angles convey precision. This is another great option for a luxury custom deck design.

Deck Materials

Deck materials are a key piece of designing your deck project, and there are two very popular options.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is an artificial product created from wood fibers and plastics like PVC. Although it has the look and durability of natural wood, it is low maintenance and doesn’t rot.

Some of the best composite decking manufacturers to choose from are:

  • Fiberon
  • TimberTech
  • Trex

The initial costs of composite decking are often more expensive than wood. Still, it’s a sustainable, long-term solution for your outdoor deck, especially a pool deck, because of its reduced maintenance.

Wood Decking

Wood decks are classic and will never go out of style. Plus, there are many different types of wood to consider.

However, wooden decks are high maintenance because they absorb water and rot easily. Therefore, you must carefully treat the deck boards to avoid this problem.

If you choose a wood deck, consider IPE. It is eight times harder than redwood and is naturally resistant to rot and decay. Another option is to use travertine pavers to help extend the deck’s lifespan.

Work With Decks & Docks for Your Deck Designs

With an idea of the deck type, pattern, and materials you want, it’s time to get started on building your dream deck!

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