Deck Advantage, Marriott Has the Advantage!

Marriott Has the Advantage!

In the lumber business, we’re used to playing a background role and letting design and finishing touches have the spotlight.  But for the recent re-decking project at the Marriott Sand Key, Decks & Docks was able to help drive the design by way of the materials. Deck Advantage, Marriott Has the Advantage!

The Marriott had an already impressive pool area that had recently been recovered with pavers. But the adjacent tiki bar area and waterfront walkway were still pressure-treated wood. In addition to not blending with the new look, the wood-covered walkway was narrow and constricted movement between spaces. The wood was requiring tons of maintenance due to being salt exposure and direct sun, and age was causing the boards to crack and splinter. No fun for bare feet!

Deck Advantage, Marriott Has the Advantage! Decks & Docks, and its supplier Advantage Decking, worked together to create a special run of 24-foot-long boards for the poolside deck and waterfront walkway at the Clearwater, Florida resort. These extra-long boards allowed the Marriott to then design a wider deck for better flow, that was completely free of seems across a 25-foot width (the extra foot is thanks to picture framing on either end with a perpendicular 1×6). The result: a gorgeous, polished look, a more open feel that promotes movement between the pool and tiki bar, and an aesthetic that blends the spaces together.

In addition to custom board length, the Marriott considered price, color, strength, and durability. Advantage Decking was superior option when compared to other decking options. This relative newcomer to the engineered decking market is made from reinforced plastic. Boards are extruded HDPE (high-density poly-ethylene) with two fiberglass layers inside that create unsurpassed strength, while remaining cooler than wood on bare feet. The Marriott will ultimately save a ton by using Advantage over wood – not only in maintenance costs, but in customer complaints that are inevitable when large areas have to be closed off for regular cleaning and staining of wood. Advantage Decking is virtually maintenance free, aside from occasional light surface cleaning.

The redecking was part of a massive 2016 interior and exterior renovation. The property abuts the Intracoastal Waterway in Clearwater Beach, and promotes its extensive pool area and tiki bar as a major amenity. Decks & Docks was thrilled to have a part in making it even more spectacular.

Decks & Docks Lumber Company is a Clearwater, Florida-based materials supplier to the marine construction industry, with 14 retail locations across the southeast United States. The Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key is located at 1201 Gulf Boulevard, Clearwater Beach, Florida.  The contractor was Integrity Contractors of Palm Harbor, Florida.  Advantage Decking is based in Ocala, Florida, and is exclusive distributed and sold by Decks & Docks Lumber Company. The decking is Advantage in Weather Wood.