, 3 Boat Dock Decorating Ideas

3 Boat Dock Decorating Ideas

Your boat dock may serve an essential function for your aquatic vehicles, but it doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Did you know that there are simple ways to instantly make your dock look like an upscale hangout space? Test the waters of design with these decorating ideas to make your space feel less like a function-only shipyard and more like luxury lake access!

Why Decorate Your Dock?

Your dock is the space used to anchor your boat, soak up the sun, and host guests. Why sit on plain planks over the water when you could enjoy a furnished and decorated hangout space? Some boat dock decorating ideas can make the simplest structure feel like a resort or spa. This means you can enjoy a vacation-like space right in the comfort of your home! 

Furthermore, decorating is also a way to express yourself in your home space. If you live on the water, you’ll notice infinite other docks in either direction that look just like yours. Make your structure special with adornments that make you feel happy and reflect who you are.

There is also endless potential to make room for your hobbies and interests with decorations for your dock. With a diving board for swimmers or comfortable furniture for avid readers, you can quickly customize the space to fit your lifestyle.

Dock Accessories to Add-On or Decorate

At Decks & Docks Lumber Co., we have all the high-quality accessory materials that you may need for dock upgrades and add-ons. If you hope to do more than surface-level decoration or want to spruce up the structure before adding furniture, ask us about accessories like:

  • Dock boxes
  • Piling caps and moorings
  • Trash receptacles
  • Outdoor dock lighting, path lighting, or underwater lighting
  • Railings for safety
  • Piling and seawall
  • Building materials like lumber and composite decking

If your dock already has many of these features, it is ready to decorate. Railings make a great place to wrap seasonal string lights, and features like receptacles can be painted or stained to fit the aesthetic of the space.

Find The Dock Design Idea That Suits You

Below are the 3 boat dock decorating ideas that can help elevate a plain or drab setup. You deserve to feel like you’re on vacation right from home. And, making those old wood slats feel like a space designed for you doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. There are simple design choices that can instantly make your dock feel fresh and new. 

Look through these dock decorating ideas to find what design works for your preferences and lifestyle.

1. The Dock Garden

Being out on the dock can be a great place to embrace nature. Gardens don’t have to be traditional, and the nontraditional gardener may want to take their green thumb to the blue waters. Set up a garden around the dock, or place box planters around the wood with herbs and flowers inside. Some plants may benefit greatly from the proximity to water, and it makes your dock look and feel like an oasis.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, these planters can give your dock some extra privacy from nosy neighbors. They can also make a great photo op as you enjoy cocktails out on the dock with friends. Choose a plant that blooms at nighttime for a particularly gorgeous ambiance, along with a great aroma.

2. Sunrise and Sunset Space

Watching the sun rise and set over the water can be an idyllic way to start and end your day. That’s why so many people enjoy creating a lounge space on their dock to relax and unwind as the day changes guard with the night.

Try decorating with cozy couches or chairs with removable pillows. You can leave the furniture base out all day and just bring the pillows from inside when you walk out. A weatherproof side table is perfect for setting a mug of coffee or an evening cocktail.

Since you will be out enjoying this space at dusk and dawn, you may be concerned about activity from mosquitos. Those hours are prime activity hours in many areas, so mosquito repellents should also be an essential element of your setup. If you enjoy hosting large gatherings or spend much of your time outdoors, try lining your dock area with standing mosquito-repellent torches. These set the ambiance while covering a larger area when compared to a small candle.

3. Rotating Seasonal Setup

Many homeowners who live on the water are part of active local communities. If your neighbors are known to throw holiday boat parades for days like Halloween or New Year’s Eve, then you’ll want to go big with the holiday decorations. How do you make rotating out these lights and signs easy? That’s where this design option comes in.

By installing strategic hooks and electrical outlets, you can easily interchange Halloween ghosts for winter snowflakes. If you like to host guests frequently or host the annual family holiday party, then you’ll love how easy it is to get into the festive spirit at a moment’s notice. You can even install remote-controlled lighting, which allows you to change colors and designs without having to install a whole new set.

Elevate Your Dock Design Today

Design your ideal oasis and enjoy it right from home. Try one of these simple boat dock decorating ideas to help your dock feel unique, luxurious, and right for you. Whether it’s the flower garden, a relaxing sunrise/sunset space, or a rotating seasonal setup, you’ll transform your dock into an oasis.

Reach out to Decks & Docks to get access to expert advice and high-quality dock accessory materials today. You deserve to feel like the curator of your own home, and decorating your boat dock is the first step.