leftover composite decking ideas, 8 Ways to Use Leftover Composite Decking

8 Ways to Use Leftover Composite Decking

Composite decking boards are extremely popular due to their high resistance to insects and rot, and the fact that they require little maintenance. A man-made building product, the material is constructed from an equal mix of recycled plastic and recycled wood fibers. Because of these materials, composite decking is extremely durable, which makes it last a lot longer than wooden decks.

It’s these characteristics that make them the perfect choice for other DIY projects too.

Speaking of DIY, if you’ve built your composite decking, and you’re looking for ways to use the leftovers, here are a few projects you can sink your teeth into.

While many of these ideas are beginner-friendly, most do require a level of basic carpentry to complete. Read on to learn about some simple and accessible ways to use up some of that scrap.

1. Planters

Due to composite decking being so resistant to moisture, it makes it a great material to use for planters. You can purchase the decking in so many colors too, so it’s an ideal way to add a bit of excitement to your garden. This can also mean that you don’t need to paint them yourself, which saves a step!

If you like the idea of planters, but you’re after something a bit smaller, you can create a tiered plant stand.

2. Shelves

Whether you’ve got some scrap pieces left or you’ve still got the sample from the manufacturer, you can use these extra bits to create your own DIY shelves.

Floating shelves are a  fashionable way to display things, so you can fix the leftover composite decking to your walls and display whatever you like. Whether it’s family photos, cosmetics, or your eccentric mug collection, building shelves is a great way to reuse the material you have.

3. Storage Chest

Your new deck will definitely see you spending more time in the garden during the summer months. And if you have an outdoor heater, you can make use of it all year round.

Building a storage chest with the leftover materials will be the perfect place to store all of your deck accessories when they’re not in use. From blankets to keep you warm in the evenings to deck cleaner or pool decorations, it will match your decking and be a great addition to your outdoor space.

As an added extra, you could even add padded cushions to the top of the chest to create some extra seating when you’re hosting summer cookouts. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, there are plenty of reasons to choose this project from the leftover composite decking ideas list.

4. A Dog House

Composite decking provides the perfect material for a house for your pooch. It will be a first-class retreat for your furry friend to get some shade. Due to the material being durable and pest resistant, you can be sure that there’ll be no unwanted guests sharing your pup’s new abode. As well as this, a new dog house will match your decking, so what’s not to love?

5. Raised Garden Bed

As well as your trusty planters, why not build your own DIY raised garden bed, too? This is the perfect way to completely match your deck and create a theme for your garden.

Composite decking boards can also be placed on the ground without the worry of them rotting like normal lumber, and raised garden beds give you the pleasure of a garden without the commitment of planting things into the ground.

6. A Bench

Despite its size, building a bench can be a very simple and straightforward DIY project to take on.  A bench made from your leftover composite decking will provide you with great decor—whether you house it on your front porch, the bottom of the garden, or finish off your decking with a matching piece of furniture.

Once you’ve created your new outdoor seating masterpiece, add a pop of color and some extra comfort with some trendy accent pillows and throws.

7. Siding For a Playhouse

While many composite decking boards are not necessarily a suitable material structurally, they can be used as siding for your little one’s playhouse. They can add a durable and attractive finish to a treehouse or secret clubhouse that will be resistant against pests and moisture.

8. Trash Bin Enclosure

If you’re fed up with seeing your bins on full display every time you sit out on your deck, why not get creative and put your leftover composite decking to good use? You can use the excess materials to create an enclosure for your trash, so you’ll never have to look at them when you don’t have to. Not only this, they’ll provide your bins with extra protection, which means they won’t fall over or be victim to furry scavengers.

Get Creative!

So, if you’re looking to give your backyard a bit of a makeover, consider these leftover composite decking ideas. If you’re looking for composite lumber for any building project or need advice on a bigger build, contact us today at Decks & Docks, and we’ll provide you with all of the top-of-the-line materials you may need.