You landed the perfect catch, and now the only thing standing between you and a fish dinner is a messy clean-up process. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to prep your catch without stinking up your boat, or getting fish slime everywhere? 

That’s where the marine experts at Decks & Docks come in to help. We supply high-quality, safe, and convenient fish cleaning stations for all of your catches, big or small.

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Dock Fish Cleaning Stations

Say goodbye to cleaning your catches in confined spaces and trying to bear that fishy smell. A fish cleaning table is a breath of fresh air – literally! 

Prep your catch outdoors, dispose of the parts you don’t want by tossing them back into the ocean, and never worry about stinking up your boat or your home ever again. Plus, all of our fish cleaning stations are made from FDA-approved and bacteria-resistant polyethylene, making them suitable for both home and commercial use. 

The fish cleaning tables we offer are available in a variety of styles depending on your needs.

2-Legged Fish Cleaning Tables

You might prefer a 2-legged fish cleaning station if you have a narrow dock and want the table to hang over the side. In addition to saving space, this configuration makes it especially easy to discard any unwanted fish parts back into the water. 

Despite having just 2 legs, these fish cleaning tables are surprisingly stable. Each leg comes with its own vertical mounting bracket and horizontal flange, and the entire frame is made from TIG welded T6061 marine-grade aluminum for extra strength. 

4-Legged Fish Cleaning Tables

Our 4-legged fish cleaning stations are one of our most popular options, offering a simple, no-fuss solution for small docks and bustling marinas alike. 

While our 4-legged tables are easy to attach and remove, many dock owners prefer to make them a permanent fixture on their dock. In that case, it’s easy to customize your station as you see fit–install a canopy to provide shade or add a stainless steel sink and faucet. 

6-Legged Fish Cleaning Tables

If you’re in the market for the most stable, durable, and permanent solution possible, our 6-legged fish cleaning tables are for you. And with a larger surface area, you’ll be able to clean and prep more fish at once.  

decks and docks fish cleaning tables

Portable Fish Cleaning Table Tops

If you’re looking for something that’s easier to transport between your boat and your dock, our highly portable fish cleaning table tops are the way to go. This simple table-only solution works with most existing frames.

Our top-only option is a great option for boats, where every square inch of space counts. Take it out when you need it, prep your latest catch, then clean it off and stow it away–it’s that simple. So stop using the top of your cooler or your boat’s gunwales as a makeshift fish cleaning station and invest in a more sanitary and more durable solution for cutting bait and preparing fish on the water.

Niagara Fish Cleaning tables

Niagara Tables Make Clean Up a Breeze

Our Niagara tables are an even more convenient fish-cleaning solution, creating a constant flow of water over the table’s surface to keep it clean while you’re working–no hosing down or scrubbing required. 

Maintaining a sanitary workspace is crucial, which is why the tables available from Decks & Docks are made from high-density polyethylene with no cracks, crevices, corners, or screw holes, so bacteria has no place to hide. Open slats along the back of the tabletop make it easy to hose off fish remnants and remove bacteria. 

Available in a Variety of Sizes & Styles

Whether you are in need of a large table for big catches like largemouth bass, or you’d like a smaller table to fit your modest dock, we have exactly what you need. (And if we don’t, odds are it can be custom-made!)

Our models are available in standard sizes from 38” x 18” up to 72″ x 24″. Each frame is made from T6061 marine-grade aluminum and TIG welded for maximum durability. By request, frames can be powder-coated to add an extra layer of protection.

Tables are also available in a variety of styles, including 2-leg, 4-leg, 5-leg, and table-top only models, depending on the size of your dock and your desired level of stability.

All the Accessories You Need

It’s easy to customize your fish cleaning table with whatever tools and accessories you need. Optional accessories include:

  • Knife-holding caddies
  • Additional storage shelves
  • Hose caddies
  • Cup holders
  • Sinks


With the accessories above, you can keep everything you need to prep your catch and clean your station in one convenient place.

Easy to Install

The marine-grade aluminum framework comes ready to mount vertically (mounting bracket) and horizontally (flange) to the dock for extra support. Naturally, a 5-legged table is going to provide the most stability, but a 2-legged table is going to offer better portability.

Either way, installing any of our fish cleaning tables is as simple as placing them where you want and fastening the mounting brackets to your dock with a couple of stainless steel bolts. With installation that easy, you’ll be cooking in no time! If you have any questions or would like to place a custom order, please reach out to one of our friendly associates at 866-628-0328. Be sure to check out our other accessories for even more ways to upgrade your dock!