For millions of years, Man has fought Nature, and no battle as epic as on the coast – where waterways pound mercilessly on the edge of Man’s homesteads. Tipping the favor to Man is Decks & Docks – with some serious ammo in the ongoing battle to keep water at bay: vinyl seawall. It doesn’t rot like wood, doesn’t crumble or erode like concrete, and is stronger and more permanent than riprap. Vinyl seawall has UV protection, is comparatively inexpensive to install, and the material is warrantied for 50 years or more in some cases.  Property owners should always consult with a marine contractor as to the right seawall solution, but we believe so strongly in vinyl that it’s the only seawall material we sell.

Everlast Synthetic Product

Vinyl Seawall / Vinyl Sheet Pile

Longer-lasting than wood, more durable than concrete, and engineered to work with the forces of water and tides to diffuse their power. When used in conjunction with earth-anchoring systems and concrete reinforcement, vinyl sheet pile is hands-down the best defense against erosion and best investment to protect valuable waterfront property. Decks & Docks carries z-profile and u-profile panels, with a range of thicknesses and strength ratings to cover any need – small residential, to large commercial, to entire municipal waterfronts.

Case Study: City of Palmetto is sold on Vinyl Seawall


Earth Anchors – Manta Ray

Erecting a wall between land and sea is only part of the battle against water intrusion and erosion. To build a create a truly impenetrable  barrier, you have to have reinforcements: that’s where Manta Ray (TM) earth anchors come in. Steel anchors are driven into the soil, connected to a threaded tie-back and mounted on a steel plate bolted to the seawall. The result is a “wall behind a wall” that literally pushes the seawall against the water.  

Why Manta Ray?

  • Virtually indestructible: Single plate anchors of hot-dipped galvanized steel hold in any soil and resists corrosion.
  • Environmentally friendly: No excavation needed, typically hand-held hydraulic jack-hammers are sufficient to drive anchors with minimal soil disturbance.
  • Minimally impactful: Can be installed under pools, landscaping, surface construction without damage.
  • Cost-effective: Design allows for load testing at the time of installation.
  • Stop-gap solution: Manta Ray can shore up failing seawalls if immediate seawall replacement isn’t possible.


Decks & Docks carries all sizes of Manta Ray anchors, and has access to educational resources for contractors wanting to learn more about the strongest seawalls engineered today.  Call us or stop by one of our locations to learn more.

Details of infrastructure - Construction worker hands securing steel bars with wire rod for reinforcement of concrete

Rebar / Custom Stirrups

Decks & Docks Lumber Company sells rebar, and also bends rebar to spec for custom stirrups. Stirrups are bent pieces of rebar that form a cage around which concrete is poured for structural components like beams and seawalls. Typical stocked rebar is #5 and #8, and most stirrups are fabricated from #3, but we can supply rebar per any spec, for any job.