City of Palmetto is Sold on Vinyl Seawall

Palmetto Seawall, from Bradenton Herald

The City of Palmetto, Florida found itself in a state of emergency in 2015 when the 90-year-old seawall protecting Riverside Park from the Manatee River was crumbling. Needing a fast resolution that worked with the long-term riverfront plan, the City of Palmetto reached out to local contractors and suppliers to find a solution that would last, be environmentally sound, and add to the attraction of the park.  Their answer: a “living seawall.” The concept is gaining ground across waterfront municipalities for its endurance and environmental sensibility.

First, existing seawall is removed or bolstered with vinyl seawall sheets – known for durability under the toughest conditions. A concrete cap is poured on top, creating a flat, walkable surface that reaches over the wall. Finally, “reef balls,” built around varying sizes of ball-shaped bases, with holes for marine life to enter and exit, are sunk at the seawall. The result: a visually appealing barrier, an observable new eco-system that previously did not exist, and a physical protection that works with tides and waves rather than disrupting natural water body flow.

The vinyl seawall component was provided by Decks & Docks Lumber Co., a Clearwater, Florida-based marine construction materials supplier. They recommended Everlast Synthetic Products (ESP) vinyl seawall, which was ultimately chosen for its superior strength and design, and reputation for lasting quality.  Installation of the vinyl and living seawall is being done by Palmetto-based Quality Marine Construction.

The much-anticipated Riverfront project should be completed in March, 2016. Palmetto is on the West Coast of Florida, just north of Bradenton and southeast of St. Petersburg.