boat dock plans, 7 Boat Dock Plans For Your Dock Renovation Project

7 Boat Dock Plans For Your Dock Renovation Project

boat dock plans, 7 Boat Dock Plans For Your Dock Renovation Project Are you looking to improve your existing dock by replacing it with a better one? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Endless possibilities await as you consider how you will design your new dock. Because of your endless choices, there’s a lot to consider when creating your design.

Are you seeking a multi-purpose dock? Or maybe one with multiple levels are built-in seating?

Whatever specifics you’re wanting to implement in your boat dock plans, it never hurts to look around for some inspiration. Keep reading for seven great dock plan ideas for your renovation project.

Questions to Ask Before Beginning

Before exploring dock building plans, consider what you’re looking for. What do you want out of your dock?

Do you plan to fish from your dock? Or just load your boat?

If it’s likely you’ll spend a lot of barefoot time on a dock that’s in full sunlight, you’ll want to consider using lighter-colored building materials to lessen the chance of burning your feet.

Will people jump off the dock? This will affect how the dock will be built.

Take your plans for using the dock into consideration before construction begins.

Consider Location

Before you begin building your dock, consider where the dock will be installed. If it will be built in shallow water you’ll have different things to consider than if deep water surrounded the area.

The amount of sunlight may affect your design plans, so take that into consideration. Do you need or want something to provide shade?

Also, be aware of any local laws and building requirements. You may be required to obtain a permit, but in some areas that won’t be necessary.

Once you’ve determined your needs, desires, and location, you’re ready to start thinking about design!

1. The Spacious Backyard Dock

Do you have a private lake? If not, you may need to get one, because you’ll love this spacious backyard dock idea.

Ample square footage located near your waterfront provides a great location for barbecuing and relaxing. Add some seating and cover from the shade, and you’ve got yourself an open retreat.

Try using a nice cool tile for your flooring instead of traditional lumber.

2. Keep it Simple

A simple, mid-sized dock can be a great option for smaller bodies of water. Give yourself some nice, wooden steps to elevate your dock from a sandy beach and provide an easier entry to your boat.

A simple wooden dock doesn’t have to look home-made. Its simplicity can add an elegance to your water area. Throw a few recliners on there and you’ll be able to enjoy the sun all day long.

3. The Classic Look

If you’re a fan of the classic covered dock look, then go ahead and implement it yourself. Build a large covered dock with wooden railings to match the beautiful lumber used on the flooring.

Throw in some matching tables and chairs and a gazebo covering and your classic dock will be complete.

4. Small and Sleek

A dock doesn’t have to be large to be impressive. Something as simple as a small, streamlined wooden dock can add an elegant flair by directing your attention elsewhere.

Use a plain dock and simple seating setup to allow peoples’ focus to be on the surrounding natural beauty of the lake, mountains, and whatever other scenery is available.

5. The Backdoor Dock

If you’re lucky enough to have a home right on the water, consider this backdoor dock idea. Add a small deck right outside your back door with some simple, convenient seating, and then connect a short flight of stairs right to your docking area.

Keep the dock simple, with maybe a single chair for sitting right near the water. Or leave the seating out and let yourself enjoy sitting on the edge with your feet in the water when you’re not out enjoying your boat.

6. The Neverending Dock

If you’re lucky enough to own or have access to a large body of water, consider a long, thin dock for that neverending look.

Experiment with lighting and borders to enhance your design. Lining your dock with some pillars that light up at night will add a romantic flair. Keep it simple by connecting each pillar with a simple rope link.

Lining up your pillars correctly and directing your dock at the right angle can really enhance that neverending look.

7. Go for a Panoramic View

To really maximize the natural beauty of where your dock is placed, consider using a panoramic view as your inspiration. Extending you dock out enough into the water will provide stunning views of the water out three sides of the dock.

Unlike the neverending dock, this dock is wider, providing areas for seating. But keep your seating and tables simple, too. Don’t detract from the natural surroundings.

Leaving umbrellas and other coverings out will really allow the water and surrounding foliage, beach, or mountains to shine.

Really keeping the accessories and embellishments to a minimum is what makes this dock design so desirable. Let the surrounding beauty do the work in this situation.

Gorgeous Boat Dock Plans

Ultimately, your favorite boat dock plans will be the ones that cover all your wants and needs. So take some time to determine what those are. Once you’ve pinned those down, your options are virtually endless.

Keep these designs in mind as you consider your options and you may find that one of them is the one for you. Whether you keep it simple or go extravagant, you can have the boat dock of your dreams.

Do you have questions you’d like answers before you get started on your dock? Contact us today and we’ll point you in the right direction.