, 8 Clever Deck Storage Ideas

8 Clever Deck Storage Ideas

Looking for smart deck storage ideas? Look no further. 

Regardless of the size, no one wants to see their deck turn into a landfill. The best way to avoid this from happening is having an effective storage system in place. Giving every item its place will build a space of relaxation and allow you the most usable space out of your deck. 

In this guide, we’ll go over 8 clever deck storage ideas to try out today! 

1. Collapsible Tables and Chairs

If you enjoy hosting gatherings on your deck, but are not a fan of leaving furniture on it year-round, consider fold-up tables and chairs. 

Collapsible furniture offers an inexpensive way to conserve space and give your deck furniture more freedom of function. They can easily be set up when you have people over and stored away when it’s just you in the house.  

2. Multiple Use Benches

A multiple use bench on your deck serves many purposes: 

  • Comfortable seating. These benches can be used to read a book, take off shoes, enjoy a beverage, or simply relax.
  • Extra storage. The seat lifts exposing a hidden storage compartment. You can place cushions, throws, towels, and more within.
  • Decorative. Perhaps, you just want a nice bench for the aesthetics!

Whatever you plan to use your multiple-use bench for, having one on your deck offers a place to sit and store away items. Plus, they look nice and will add some personality to your deck. 

3. Depositing Trash

Enjoying your deck outdoors will come with many gatherings, cookouts, or just lounging in the morning sun with some breakfast. This means you’ll need a place for any trash that accumulates. 

Having a trash can outside will help keep your deck stay organized and looking clean. And don’t limit yourself to a standard trash bin—opt for something stylish that matches the overall look of your deck. 

4. Storage Cabinets

Next up on our deck storage ideas guide are storage cabinets. This option is for those that want to store away larger equipment on their decks. This can include toys, tennis rackets, pool skimmers, and more. 

Do you want an open-shelf concept or your equipment to be hidden away? Whichever you choose, go with a space-efficient storage cabinet that isn’t going to take up all of your deck space. At the same time, you want it to be large enough that it will hold everything you want it to store. 

For cases like these, decide what’s going to be stored away first and then go shopping for the right cabinet. 

5. Wall and Under Deck Storage

If you’re looking for a storage cabinet but are worried about it taking up too much space, consider a pegboard! These slat-wood boards are commonly used in garages, sheds, or even office spaces to hang items. This will work nicely for you if you want an open shelf concept. 

Now, if you want all your items to be hidden, consider under-deck storage. Here, you can put everything from your collapsible tables and chairs to your larger equipment. This is a great DIY option, just make sure you keep all your items off direct contact with the ground.  

6. Ottoman Storage

An outdoor ottoman is an easy way to add an extra layer of comfort and some extra storage space. Find one that’s stylish and matches the overall decor of your space. In addition to adding to the aesthetic, you can also use it as storage for weather-sensitive items on your deck such as rugs and tabletop decor. 

7. Functional Side Tables 

Nowadays, one can find all sorts of space-efficient side tables with a twist. For instance, there are decorative accent tables that come with a hidden ice bucket inside. This keeps drinks chilled and offers a great way to chill a bottle of wine. Then, when you’re done enjoying your drinks, place the lid over the bucket, and it becomes an ordinary side table all over again. 

8. Old Faithful

A deck chest or box is the tried-and-true way to store your outdoor items. It looks natural on your deck, is low to the ground, and perfect for stashing whatever you need. If you’re looking for something simple and proven to be effective, deck boxes are a great way to keep your belongings stored safely away from the elements. 

Why Should You Keep Deck Items Stored Away?

Storing items away when no one is around provides many benefits.

For one, a tidied up environment has many health benefits and among them is reduced stress. A cluttered deck is an uninviting one. Getting rid of the clutter instantly makes you feel good and want to spend time outdoors. Plus, if you’re working on a project on your deck, having a clean environment will help you focus. 

Another great reason to store away deck items is to keep small children safe. Children are curious creatures and always want to get their hands where they shouldn’t. Locking up expensive or unsafe items will keep your child from getting hurt or breaking something valuable. 

And finally, keeping deck items stored away offers peace-of-mind to anyone concerned about intruders. As long as anything valuable is locked up or put away, there’s nothing to worry about being stolen. More often than theft, however, any items not stored away can be blown away in a storm, or worse, damage the house.  

Try These Deck Storage Ideas Today!

If you have any questions about how to style your deck, or keep your purchases safe from the outdoor elements, get in touch with a deck storage ideas expert. Decks & Docks know how to help when it comes to implementing a beautiful, safe, and functional deck. Whether looking for professional advice or the right materials to get the job done,  contact us today to learn more!