Curved Decks, Pinterest Worthy Curved Decks

Pinterest Worthy Curved Decks

Curved decks now possible in Florida, thanks to Decks & Docks – Decks & Docks

Ever wonder how they make those gorgeous curved decks you see on Pinterest and Houzz? In the past, it was difficult, expensive, and time consuming to create that look with composite decking.

Curved Decks, Pinterest Worthy Curved Decks Trex has made the process better, easier, and more affordable with the Trex CustomCurve. This board bender is a custom heater made especially for Trex products. Deck boards, railing sections, or siding are put into the Trex CustomCurve and brought up to a temperature high enough to make them pliable, then moved to a form in the desired shape and secured until cooled.  Check out a video of the process here.

Decks & Docks has the only Trex CustomCurve in Florida.  While other dealers and contractors may say they have bending solutions, as a Trex Elite Dealer, Decks & Docks knows that the CustomCurve is the right tool for the best results in a Trex deck.

Because it is precise, fast, and efficient, it saves homeowners money from waste and excess time caused by using substandard bending solutions. Want your deck to be Pintrest worthy? Come to Decks & Docks and we can help your deck dream become a reality. Curves and all. Find a location near you!