Ultimate guide to dock maintenance from Decks & Docks
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Everything You Need To Know About Dock Maintenance

Dock maintenance can be easy to overlook. After all, people tend to focus more on what is happening around the dock than the dock itself. However, poor boat dock maintenance can create a safety hazard and lead to expensive repairs....

dock piling protection
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A Guide to Dock Piling Protection

Whether a permanent residence or summer lake house, boat docks are a prominent feature of water-front properties and, thus, need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. When properly cared for, boat docks can add significant value to your...

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Structural Lumber: The Owens Corning Difference

Welcome to Decks & Docks, your trusted source for all your decking, marine, seawall, and piling needs. We are a lumber company that serves the whole U.S. East Coast, from the stunning Florida Keys to the vibrant metropolis of New...

dog friendly decking
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What’s the Most Dog Friendly Decking Material?

Crafting a pet-friendly patio or deck is essential for those who wish to give their canine chums a safe and pleasurable outdoor haven. Your dog loves spending time with you, and putting some thought into your deck's design ensures every...

Ice Proof Boat Docks and Dock Proection
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Ice Proof Boat Docks: Dock Freeze Protection

Tips for Preparing Your Boat Dock for Winter As the temperatures start to drop and the leaves begin to change color, you know it's time to start thinking about winterizing your boat dock. Taking a few simple steps now will...

Essentials You'll Need to Build a Dock
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Dock Hardware: Essentials You’ll Need to Build a Dock

Do you want to install a boat dock but don't know where to begin? Then we’re here to help.You first need to apply for a dock permit and gather all the specific dock hardware that you will need. Keep reading...

Marina with vessels docked against boat dock or in boat slips
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Boat Dock vs Boat Slip: What’s the Difference?

Whether you're new to the waters or you're a boating veteran, there are many nautical terms that you will undoubtedly come across. And if this sounds like you, chances are, you'll have heard the phrases ‘boat slip' and ‘boat dock’...

Kayak tied to a wooden dock on still water.
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Floating Docks vs. Fixed Docks: Which is Right For You?

Both floating and fixed docks are appealing for different reasons, and it can feel impossible to decide which is best for your boat if you like both options.   But if you have to choose between a floating dock vs....


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