best dock accessories, A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

Docks are more than just a place to park your boat. Today, more than ever, people are spending lots of time at home and looking for ways to enhance their everyday experiences. Adding in the best dock accessories is a great way to transform your dock into an inviting and exciting living space.

Dock accessories—which range from lighting, ladders, bumpers, and more—can open up more possibilities for recreation, enjoyment, and even safety for the time you spend there. Let’s go over a few that add new layers of fun and functionality to your dock.

best dock accessories, A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

Dock Bumpers

No matter how precise at steering you are, you need some way to protect your boat and your dock from collision. Dock bumpers are the answer.

Dock bumpers are easy to install and put an important protective barrier between the dock and the boat, dually shielding both. They’ll even pay for themselves in the amount of money saved in repairs to the dock and the boat. 

For more information, check out our beginner’s guide to dock bumpers.

Dock Boxes

How much time do you spend running between your house and your boat, bringing back and forth important items that you keep forgetting? A dock box is a simple and sturdy storage solution that lets you keep important items at your fingertips. 

Dock boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can withstand exposure to the elements while keeping the items inside safe. You can store fishing poles, life jackets, rafts, tackle boxes, floats, kids’ swimming toys, and whatever else you find you need most while on the water.

Plus, with a secure lock, you’ll never have to be worried about storing valuable items. A dock box has it all: security, durability, and utility.

best dock accessories, A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

Dock Lights

Being out on the water at night can be a beautiful experience—when you’re not completely enshrouded in the dark. Whether you want to fish, enjoy a sunset boat cruise, or just simply sit out on the dock in your favorite chair, having lights on your dock is a must. 

Lights are important for two reasons: safety and ambiance. Being able to see around you is important for everyone, whether they’re on the water or on dry land. Lights can also set the right mood for those evenings you want to relax and count the stars. 

Dock lights come in a variety of colors and fixtures, ranging from bold pagoda lamps to modern pathway lights that hide under the railings. You’re sure to find an option that fits your tastes. 

Fishing Accessories

Take your favorite pastime to a new level with a few nifty accessories for your dock.

With a fish cleaning table, all the dirty work can be done right there at the water after you’ve made your catch. Whether you’re a hardcore fisher who needs something heavy duty or you’re more casual about the sport and need something portable and foldable, a fish cleaning table is a great addition to any dock.

You could also add in fishing rod holders for days the fish are really biting and you want to drop in multiple lines. (This is also where a dock box would come in handy—to store extra bait and rods.)


Even if you’re not big on swimming, a ladder is a necessity for safety and convenience. Coming in 3- to 8-step options, including models fit for floating docks, it’s easy to find a ladder that seamlessly blends into your dock. A ladder can help you easily climb back onto dry land after a swim.

Our ladders are guaranteed to be long-lasting and able to withstand the weather. Installation is easy, no matter if the type of dock you have. Plus, we carry quick-release kits that make it a breeze to uninstall ladders once the water starts to freeze.

best dock accessories, A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

Piling Caps

At first glance, you may think that piling caps are just a nice addition to make pilings more attractive. But caps do more than that: they also protect pilings from water and sun damage and ward off perching birds.

Pilings are the foundation of your dock, so keeping them protected is key to a long lifespan. Read our ultimate guide to piling protection to learn about why caps are so important—and other ways you can keep your piling safe.

best dock accessories, A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

Power Pedestals

Forget the dozen extension cords running from your garage to your dock. A power pedestal is all you need for a secure source of electricity.

At Decks & Docks, we carry Eaton power pedestals, which are renowned for standing up to water and rust. They can be used to power anything from full yachts to any personal motorboat, as well as smaller devices.

Having a safe and reliable electrical system will make your docking experience more comfortable and convenient. We even offer custom options for customers who want to personalize the appearance of their power pedestals—just talk to a Decks & Docks team member to learn more.

We’ve Got the Best Dock Accessories

While the weather is warm and the sun is out, now is the time to enjoy the water with your family. Make your dock experience more comfortable and convenient with the right accessories to fit your lifestyle.

At Decks & Docks Lumber Company, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners find the exact right products to fit their lives in and out of the water. For more information on how we can help with all your deck, dock, or lumber needs, just click here to contact us or call (866) 528-9663 to speak with a team member.