Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl Seawalls: A Detailed Guide

Vinyl seawalls are gaining popularity and are an excellent option for homeowners looking to invest in a long-lasting, cost-effective barrier. However, many people aren't sure what they are or how they work. To help you get up to speed, here's...


What is a Seawall, and What Do They Do?

If you live along the coast, you’ve likely seen seawalls. They might look like the foundation for a raised park overlooking the sea, or they might be a stretch of stones dividing the water from the beach.  But what is...

Decks & Docks Seawall Earth Anchor

Earth Anchoring Systems Explained

Seawalls are necessary to protect waterfront properties from erosion and flooding. But when water from a heavy rainfall builds up on the land side of a seawall, it can put pressure on the structure and cause it to lean toward...

Decks & Docks Ask These Question Before Building a Seawall Tampa

6 Important Questions to Ask Before Building a Seawall

If part of your land borders a body of water or you are thinking of building a dock, it’s time to consider whether you need a seawall. What is a Seawall? A seawall is a barrier designed to prevent erosion,...

Contractor Services, Dock Projects, Seawall

Decks & Docks Lumber Company Now Fabricates Custom Stirrups

Decks & Docks Lumber Company now bends rebar to spec for custom stirrups. Stirrups are bent pieces of rebar that form a cage around which concrete is poured for structural components like beams and seawalls. What are rebar and stirrups?...

Dock Projects, Seawall

Florida Insider Fishing Report’s New Trex TV Set

Florida Insider Fishing Report & Decks & Docks Create a Fancy New TV Set Catch the new Trex dock on the Florida Insider Fishing Report!  The Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report got a facelift this season, thanks to Trex and...

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City of Palmetto is Sold on Vinyl Seawall

City of Palmetto is Sold on Vinyl Seawall [caption id="attachment_1575" align="alignleft" width="940"] Palmetto Seawall, from Bradenton Herald[/caption] The City of Palmetto, Florida found itself in a state of emergency in 2015 when the 90-year-old seawall protecting Riverside Park from the...


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