pool deck ideas, 9 Summer Pool Deck Ideas to Help You Relax in Style

9 Summer Pool Deck Ideas to Help You Relax in Style

Who doesn’t love taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer day? But your pool is so much more than a place to cool off – it’s where friends and family gather to have fun, relax, and cook up grub on the grill. That’s why the area around your pool is just as important as the pool itself. This summer, make your pool the ultimate gathering place with these summer pool deck ideas from Decks & Docks. From decking materials to poolside accents and accessories, we have you covered!


1. Go Natural (Without the Upkeep)

Nobody can deny the beauty of a wooden pool deck. Despite this, many homeowners end up using concrete because it’s just as affordable and easier to maintain.


That’s why the first of our pool deck ideas is to use composite decking. This synthetic material has the beauty of natural wood, but without the upkeep (and without the splinters!). Plus, composite decking is highly durable and built to last, making it a worthwhile investment if you plan to enjoy your deck for many years to come.


If you’re going for a natural look, complement your composite decking with some real greenery to turn your pool deck into a lush and leafy oasis!


2. Mix & Match Materials


Play with color and texture this summer by combining different materials to create your dream pool deck. Mixing wood with stone enhances a natural theme, while adding brick elements to a wooden deck creates a more contemporary vibe. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with texture and color.


3. Go Big or Go Home


Your pool deck is an opportunity to entertain, so make the most of it! If you have the space to expand the size of your deck, that’s more room for lounging, outdoor dining, and games like cornhole, mini putt-putt golf, or even giant chess.


4. Get Creative with Built-in Deck Seating


pool deck ideas, 9 Summer Pool Deck Ideas to Help You Relax in Style

Photo courtesy of Trex

Lounge chairs, bar stools, and other types of decking furniture are great – until a summer storm blows in. To keep your lighter furniture from pulling a Wizard of Oz and flying away (and potentially doing some damage to your home), you have to lug it all inside.


Installing built-in seating is a great way to solve this common decking woe. The easiest way to do this is to add a bench along the edge of your deck. You can even solve two problems in one by creating a bench that doubles as a storage box for stashing pool noodles, floating toys, and extra seat cushions.


5. Add a Cozy Fire Pit


When the sun goes down, the s’mores come out, and what better place to toast them than poolside? Especially during the summer months, having a cozy fire pit built into your pool deck is a great way to encourage conversation and wind down together after an afternoon of fun in the water.


Adding a fire pit to your pool deck is perfectly OK if you do it correctly. In short, be sure to check with your city codes and HOA guidelines and take every necessary precaution to keep your deck and your family safe.


6. Light It Up


pool deck ideas, 9 Summer Pool Deck Ideas to Help You Relax in Style

Photo courtesy of TimberTech


Speaking of summer nights, the light from a fire pit isn’t enough to go by when the sun goes down. Take inspiration from our friends at TimberTech and add LED stair lights to your deck, or check out our blog post all about deck lighting ideas. The right lighting doesn’t just look nice – it will also improve the safety of your deck, which is an absolute must around a pool.


7. Connect Your Pool to Your Home


One of the best things about an above-ground pool is that it’s easy to install it wherever you want. The downside is that the farther away the pool is from your home, the more grass and mud you have to walk through to get to it.


If you’re looking for pool deck ideas that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, consider building a bridge that connects your pool to your home. You’ll be keeping grass and dirt out of the water and adding a nice new feature to your yard at the same time.


8. Beat the Heat


On the more practical side of things, there’s a good chance that some or even all of your pool deck is going to be exposed to direct sunlight. So while you’re planning your deck’s design, it’s a good idea to consider some ways you can beat the heat and save your feet!


For starters, lighter colors tend to be cooler than dark colors, which is why white concrete and silver hardwoods like weathered Ipe are so popular for pools. Material makes a difference, too.


Again, concrete and hardwoods are great feet-safe options. Just be careful when picking out composite pool decking – not all brands are equally heat-resistant. Stick with high-quality composite decking brands like Azek, Trex, or WearDeck, and your feet will thank you.


9. Impress Your Guests with High-End Hardwoods


pool deck ideas, 9 Summer Pool Deck Ideas to Help You Relax in Style

If you really want to go all out, hardwood is the high-end decking material you’ve been looking for. Not only do exotic hardwoods like Ipe and Garapa look amazing, but they’re also water and rot resistant, making them perfect for around the pool.


From sunny yellow tones to rich reds, hardwoods come in a dazzling spectrum of colors. If you prefer a more modern look, you can even leave hardwoods like Ipe unfinished so that they naturally weather to a gorgeous silvery grey.


Is Your Pool Deck Ready for Summer?


Summer is the perfect time to build a deck or update your current pool deck to make it a more entertainment-friendly space. Use the tips above to wow your friends and family, and for more pool deck ideas, be sure to follow Decks & Docks on Pinterest!