cable railing, Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cable Railing for Your Home

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cable Railing for Your Home

cable railing, Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cable Railing for Your Home

Cable railings are gaining popularity, giving a modern twist to the terraces and decks for the American Home.

You’ll often see these railings in commercial establishments, picture-worthy decks, and exquisite homes. What is all the hype behind using the cable railing system? Why should you take time to invest in these railings too?

Keep reading to find out the advantages and benefits of using railings for your home, and why you should go for them too.

Cable Barriers Provide an Unobstructed View

The advantage of using cable barrier over other kinds is its minimalist design. Picket railings tend to look thicker and obstructive depending on the measurements used.

Using cable barriers, on the other hand, takes up less space. Small decks begin to look bigger and a bit more spacious thanks to its minimal visibility. Its slender material and design allow for maximum view coverage which picket railings obscure.

From a distance, it is close to invisible with thin lines simply vanishing and blending into the view of the horizon (or the view below if you are on an elevated deck). Glass decks can provide a similar benefit.

However, glass decks become subject to grime and mineral stains if not properly maintained. Using cable fences appears more natural, and eliminates the problem of grime buildup. This makes it easier to see the view from the deck, which makes it a perfect fit for raised decks and terraces.

A Cable Railing is Sleek and Safe

Cable barriers provide a chic and modern look compared to other options for deck railings. Glass railing for decks can provide unobstructed views as well, but a cable barrier blends in more easily. In addition, the material used to make cable railing is strong and durable, making it safe for everyone.

Interestingly, cable barriers are also nature-friendly. Birds can fly by without issue. The strength of glass panels is also their weakness–transparency. Since birds can’t see the panels, they end up colliding and getting injured.

With cable fences, on the other hand, birds can fly in easily without injury and minimal disruption to your day (or theirs). But if this gives you pause, don’t worry–it is safe for animals and children as well.

With the right installation, cable fences offer both safety and visible appeal to homeowners. If, of course, you follow the right construction guidelines for cable railings and have it installed professionally.

Cable Fences can Complement Different Home Styles

The advantage of cable fences is its flexibility in style and orientation. It blends well with different home styles, whether contemporary or traditional. This is in part because these fine lines tend to vanish from afar.

It blends easily into the background and gives the breathtaking view the much-needed attention; whether it is the refreshing beach front and the blue horizon, or the view of your own house from the lawn.

Also, depending on the material used for the framing, you have a lot of versatility when it comes to finishes. Going for a shiny metallic finish gives you a contemporary style while going for a dark frame and blending of wood grain gives off a warm and homey feel.

You can also fit different styles of furniture with the cable railing system. Whether it’s contemporary-style furniture or a more relaxed set of wooden furniture, the cable barrier system blends and even complements the outdoor furniture arrangement.

You can also set the cable barrier into either a horizontal or vertical orientation, whatever fits the style of your home. So if horizontal looks like a ladder (or you would rather go think outside the box), you can set it up in a vertical fashion and still have the same minimalist, stylish feel.

Cable Barriers are Easy to Install and Maintain

Thanks to their design, these railings are easy to install. They’re a component system, which makes it easy to customize for your home during the installation process. You can even combine this with stainless top or bottom rails, vinyl post sleeves, composite posts, or even wood for a polished and elegant style.

Compared to other railing options, cable railing is easy to maintain. Since it uses tension to keep the cables in place, it just needs a wrench every once in a while to make sure they stay in place.

This would keep the cables in the right tension, which allows them to serve your home even longer. The ease of maintenance makes seem effortless. Because of this, these railings can last even longer compared to other railing systems.

In comparison, other materials tend to be too brittle or may break and weather as time passes by. The materials used for cable railing use 316L stainless steel, which handily avoids this problem.

This material is resistant to corrosion, even in punishing marine environments. This durability means railings are guaranteed to stay stronger and last longer with the right maintenance. Which brings us to our next point.

Cable Fences Add Value to Your Home

Utilizing these railings provide ease of maintenance, durability, versatility and a minimalist design.

Which means that in the long run, cable barriers are a great investment for your home.

When you’re looking to sell a home, decks, balconies, and their railings are always questioned for structural integrity. With a cable barrier system, you can be sure that there are no issues when it comes to your deck and balcony, and the effortless style will make your home even more valuable on the market.

Get a Cable Railing Today

Now you know why cable railing is worth your investment: it fits well with your home’s design, it can last longer than other types of railing, and it is easier and more convenient to maintain. So the real question is: why haven’t you invested in cable already?

Good news: we have these railings and other options available.

We also have other products and services for your decks and docks. If you’re interested to see what we offer, contact us and we’ll be glad to get the best match for your home.