Why Your Dock’s Foundation Piling is So Important

What could be more wonderful than enjoying your morning cuppa on a newly built dock? Offering recreational and functional use, investing in your own dock for a waterfront home is one way to add some serious value to your property. But the construction of a dock requires expert skill – the most important aspect being […]

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Composite Decking

A fantastic deck can be the most wonderful aspect of a home, and also most high-maintenance when spring comes. As winter ends, Americans shell out thousands of dollars to get their deck back to where it was before the wear and tear of harsh weather. Forget being forced to constantly revive your deck from the […]

Types of Docks and Why They Matter

Types of Docks and Why They Matter

Not all boat docks are created equally. When building a dock, you’ll want to consider the area in which you are constructing it, the type of water it will come in contact with, and how you want to use it before choosing between types of docks. Here are two different types of boat docks and […]