LED underwater lighting, Your Guide to LED Underwater Lighting

Your Guide to LED Underwater Lighting

If you live on the water, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of underwater lights. That green or white glow you see underneath docks and boats isn’t just for looks—it’s also an excellent way to attract fish! 

Compared with other types of marine lighting, such as halogen or incandescent lights, LEDs outshine them all. Quality LED lights are more durable, more energy efficient, and more reliable, making them the ideal choice in a marine environment.  

In this blog, the marine specialists at Decks & Docks Lumber Company discuss the benefits of underwater LED lighting, as well as the different types of underwater LEDs available so that you can make the best choice for your dock or boat. 

Benefits of LED Underwater Lights


If you’re a keen angler and can’t seem to pull yourself away from the water some evenings, then getting your boat equipped with some LED lights is a no-brainer. 

Not only do they increase your visibility at night, but LED lights can also be a great way to attract fish. Green-colored lights are perfect for attracting marine life, as they attract baitfish. With baitfish nearby, larger gamefish will follow.

LED underwater lighting is also better for the environment. Researchers found lights can cut down on the number of unwanted fish in nets, which is better for your waterfront ecosystem.


There’s no denying that a touch of soft lighting makes everything better. LED lights can add the perfect ambient glow to any outdoor living space, letting you avoid harsh overhead lights.

LED lights can come in a variety of colors and brightness settings. Some use a remote control to turn on and off or change colors. This is great for changing the mood of your deck or dock—upbeat lighting for a party or dimmed lights for a low-key get-together.


LED lights have their practical purposes, too—they’re great for keeping your family and friends safe while out enjoying the water. Lights can frame walkways, paths, and staircases, and can be installed under railings or under the edges of docks to avoid the obstacles that lamps with cords might introduce.

Furthermore, LED underwater lights on your boat can help other boaters take notice of you when you’re in the water, similar to the headlights on a car.

These safety measures are imperative, especially for families with young children or seniors with low vision. LED lights are a long-lasting, safe solution for visibility on any deck or dock.

Different Types of LED Lights

There are a variety of different LED light types available depending on where you need to install them. If you’re unsure which type you need, just ask us! A Decks & Docks team member can help you find the exact right type and style of light for your exact needs.

Floating Fish Lights

Made explicitly for nighttime fishing, the floating fish lights run efficiently off a battery and have safety fuses and insulated cords. They can be tossed directly into the water wherever you need light.

However, they do rise and fall with the water, so they should only be placed in depths between about 5’ and 20’.

Underwater Fish Lights for Boats

These lights are very stable because they sit below the waterline. They can be weighted down or fixed to your boat and are available in a broad spectrum of colors that attract fish. Not only this, they have a 360° light coverage.

The LED underwater lighting is bright and extremely versatile when it comes to situations where electrical capability is compromised.

You can also purchase portable versions of these lights too. They offer the same quality and high power as dock fish light systems. Note that if you intend to use one on your boat, you will need a generator or inverter to control the light.

What is the best underwater LED light?

Here at Decks & Docks Lumber Company, we stand by brands that are known for their premium quality.

Anglers LED

The Anglers LED underwater lighting system is energy-efficient, easy to use and install, and designed to attract more fish than competitor brands. After unboxing, these lights can be simply dropped into the water and plugged in. Their hardware is crafted to resist corrosion and rust over time, even when exposed to harsh marine environments.

Lasting up to 50,000 hours, the Anglers LED underwater lighting system provides enthusiasts a durable and effective way to enjoy fishing at night.

Deep Glow Underwater Lighting

We carry Deep Glow underwater lights in white, blue, and their famous green, all of which can illuminate an area up to 30 ft in diameter. Fishing fans love Deep Glow because of its easy installation and long-lasting construction. Just plug it in, drop a Deep Glow light in the water, and you’re good to go.

Lumitec Underwater Lighting

Lumitec is known for their huge selection of underwater lighting options. With a rainbow of color options and easy-to-install button lights, Lumitec is a dependable and reliable choice for all fishing enthusiasts. Lumitec products provide bright, strong light that run at a fraction of the energy consumption of competitors.

Just give your local Decks & Docks location a call to learn more about Lumitec underwater lighting in stock near you!

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re an avid angler or a homeowner looking to create some ambiance, an LED underwater lighting system is the way to go. Lights look great—and help keep your dock safe at night.

For more on underwater lighting, including installing a new system, contact the Decks & Docks team. We can help you find a lighting solution that works right for you.