deck styles, Deck Designs – 7 Best Deck Styles to Inspire Your Deck Renovation Project

Deck Designs – 7 Best Deck Styles to Inspire Your Deck Renovation Project

deck styles, Deck Designs – 7 Best Deck Styles to Inspire Your Deck Renovation Project Not sure what style you want for your new deck?

Don’t worry, we know a thing or two about deck styles. And we have 7 of the most stunning, modern examples to show you to get your artistic juices flowing.

Here are 7 of our favorite deck styles we know you’ll love. Take a look and get inspired.


The classic look of the traditional wooden deck is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of deck styles. This type of deck is angled, not round, with square or hexagonal corners.

The most common style choice when it comes to traditional decks is to show off the natural beauty of the wood. Redwood and cedar are gorgeous choices, especially if you are located in an old growth forest area.

Oak is also naturally good-looking and more versatile. Pine is arguably the most versatile option there is, especially for staining.

Aside from sticking to the natural look of the wood, staining or painting can add a touch of the modern to your traditional deck. One good way to do this is a two-tone look. Paint or partially paint your railing or stairs to accentuate the look of the wood.


Contemporary decks are a more modern take on the traditional deck. An attractive, good quality contemporary deck can be made out of wood, PVC or composite decking.

If you don’t go with wood, we suggest composite over PVC. Composite is lower-maintenance, more attractive and performs better in varying weather.

Railings should match the material of the deck unless you decide to do stainless steel railings. Metal railings can get pretty hot, though, so make sure the handrail is of wood or other material if you have hot summers. Cable railing is another popular choice for contemporary decks.

Contemporary decks can incorporate elements from all styles and types of decks, so get creative!

Rustic Small Deck

This is an attractive, low-budget option. It’s also good if you don’t have much space.

This freestanding deck is just a small landing one step up from the ground with no railing. A simple pathway leading up to a small rustic deck is a cheap and easy way to turn an empty field of grass into a stylish, outdoor living space. Give it some flair with a few pieces of outdoor furniture or a firepit.


This nice colonial deck brings East coast style to your yard. It’s an alteration of the traditional style.

They’re a wooden deck but you can use wood, metal or both for the railings. The best choices for metal rails are straight vertical rails with a wood handrail on top or full metal railing with stylized patterns and shapes.

Depending on the appearance of your house, you can paint the whole deck white or go with a two-tone look. For two-tone colonial decks, keep the railing white with a dark paint or stain for the deck.

A dark cherry stain is our favorite for the deck face. But a lighter stain might look nicer with your particular house.

Alternatively, you could have a white colonial deck with black railings. This is a nice-looking option for metal railings. Consider a white deck with black metal rails and a white handrail.

Because of all the paint and stains on colonial decks, your choice of wood doesn’t matter all that much. Just pick the wood based on your desired hardness and price range.


Multilevel decks are a fun option, especially if you have a large outdoor living space. As the name states, they aren’t a single landing but have two or more levels.

These are your best option if you are planning on a large deck. A large deck with a single landing isn’t much of an improvement on an empty field. You can make a multilevel deck as large as you want and it will never cease to be interesting.

Multilevel decks are also a great option for uneven yards. It often makes more sense to parallel the uneven terrain of your yard with a multilevel deck than to put a single-level deck on uneven terrain.

Typically, multilevel decks are made of wood, but composite is an adequate wood alternative. Multilevel decks are more of a deck type than a style. You can really choose any style you want for them.

Curved Deck

Curved decks are very modern, awesome-looking and impressive. They look like the kind of deck you’d have if you were a rap star or a rich Nike executive. And that’s because they tend to be more expensive.

Curved decks are more difficult to build than other decks. To build a curved deck, you’ll probably need to hire professional help.

Curved decks are also more of a type than a style. The best thing about curved decks is they give you so many more options than angular decks. Your curved deck can incorporate circles, ovals or be a winding pathway through your yard, like a river of wood.

If you have enough to afford it, a curved deck will let your neighbors know it. Even the simplest curved deck will upscale the look of your home like it’s on MTV’s Cribs.

Gazebo or Pergola-Topped Deck

Having a roof over your deck will drastically change the dynamic of your outdoor living space. It provides shade and atmosphere.

It’s the perfect place to set up picnic tables, grills or an outdoor bar. With a little wiring, you can attach a ceiling fan. Adding a gazebo to your deck is almost like adding another room to your house outside, like an outdoor lounge.

It’s also a good setup for fun outdoor lighting options. White Christmas tree lights make for good mood lighting. You can also explore different options of hanging lights for your gazebo.

Pergolas have some unique benefits of their own. They’re mostly open on top so they allow for more airflow than gazebos.

But the best thing to do with your pergola is to cover them with climbing vines. This adds more shade cover and really brings your outdoor living space to life.

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