deck shade options
Decking Projects

Deck Shade Ideas: Sun Sails, Pergolas, & More

Hanging out on your deck or patio on a bright, sunny day is one of the great joys of summer. However, a patio or deck that lacks shade options can be unpleasant when the sun's heat gets too intense. Fortunately,...

Composite decking trex
Decking Projects

What Are the Best Composite Decking Brands of 2023?

Since it’s 2023, we wanted to update our guide to composite decking with more of the nation’s best composite lumber brands and talk about a few things to look for when making your choice. Our updated 2023 guide covers the...

will an outdoor rug damage a wood deck
Decking Projects

Will an Outdoor Rug Damage a Wood Deck?

You’ve got your outdoor deck built and looking great. The wood material helps it stand out, but maybe you’d like to put your own spin on it to make it look even better. Many people quickly turn to an outdoor...

gravel under deck
Decking Projects

Should You Put Gravel Under Your Deck?

Putting gravel under your deck is a great way to add stability and drainage. It's simple to do and provides many benefits, from preventing soil erosion to helping protect the underside of your decking material from moisture damage, especially for...

fire pit on a deck
Decking Projects

Can You Put a Fire Pit on a Deck?

Fire pits can be a great place to gather for some outdoor fun. The crackling flames create a cozy atmosphere and provide warmth for chilly fall and winter activities.  However, outdoor fires also pose risks to people and property. Every...

repair rotted deck post
Decking Projects

How to Replace or Repair a Rotted Deck Post

What are you supposed to do when you notice rot on your deck posts? Should you scrap the whole deck and start fresh? Absolutely not! According to Angi’s List, the average cost to build a new deck is nearly $8,000,...

Decking Projects

14 Creative and Functional Deck Skirting Ideas

An elevated deck just isn’t complete without deck skirting, which covers the empty, unsightly space between the trim and the ground. There are many creative ways to wrap your deck, from wood paneling to faux stone. Deck skirts aren’t just...

Composite deck
Decking Projects

Composite Decking: How to Clean a Composite Deck

Composite decks are much easier to clean than many other decking options. Solid wood decks require extensive maintenance and care, while composite materials only need a fraction of the attention. However, the reduced need for maintenance doesn’t mean you can...


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