Decking Projects

14 Creative and Functional Deck Skirting Ideas

An elevated deck just isn’t complete without deck skirting, which covers the empty, unsightly space between the trim and the ground. There are many creative ways to wrap your deck, from wood paneling to faux stone. Deck skirts aren’t just...

Composite deck
Decking Projects

Composite Decking: How to Clean a Composite Deck

Composite decks are much easier to clean than many other decking options. Solid wood decks require extensive maintenance and care, while composite materials only need a fraction of the attention. However, the reduced need for maintenance doesn’t mean you can...

DIY Deck Repair
Decking Projects

DIY Deck Repair? Here Are 6 Things to Know

Decks are a great way to enhance your home and make for a perfect year-round spot for gathering with friends and family. Even the sturdiest and most well-built decks have upkeep demands that can build up over time if you’re...

deck popping in cold weather
Decking Projects

Deck Making Popping Sounds in Cold Weather?

Having a fantastic outdoor space can completely transform a home. Many people can only tolerate so much time indoors, so they look for ways to spend time outside to break the routine of indoor living. An outdoor deck is a...

Decking Projects

Ground Level Decks: Everything You Need to Know

Living in the sunshine state almost guarantees you 237 sunny days a year. Having a ground-level deck gives you more opportunities for fun in the sun with your closest friends and family. Although deck boards and deck frames are required,...

House with deck at twilight
Decking Projects

5 Deck Designs & Patterns to Inspire You

PR Newswire reports that a staggering 90% of Americans think their outdoor living space is more valuable now than ever before. This inspired nearly 80% of homeowners to upgrade their outdoor spaces during the pandemic. According to “The Future of...

Decks & Docks Replacing Your Wood Dock
Decking Projects

Replacing Your Wood Deck with Composite Decking: Easy Guide

  Wood decking requires regular maintenance to stay in good shape. Homeowners who underestimate the amount of work that goes into a wood deck can end up with a rotted, splintery mess before they know it. Instead of demolishing your...

Decking Projects

Your Guide to Types of Deck Footings

When you’re planning to build a deck for your home, you need to consider several factors before you begin any work—like what kind of wood to use, where it should be placed, and who’s going to construct it. But one...


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