parts of a deck
Decking Projects

Parts of a Deck: A Guide to Deck Terminology

Decks are a great addition to any home or business. If you're thinking about adding a deck to your property, it's essential to know what goes into the construction of this type of project. You can install decks on houses,...

Decking Projects

Everything You Need to Know About Deck Framing

A new deck can transform your backyard, creating an outdoor space to enjoy all year round. If you're planning to build the deck yourself, it's crucial to make sure it's framed correctly. Otherwise, your deck will look uneven and could...

Decking Projects

DIY Guide: All the Tools You Need to Build a Deck

Building a deck is no easy task—so having the right tools and materials on hand before you get started will reduce the risk of problems down the road that may cost you time, effort, and money. But what exactly do...

Decking Projects

Discover The Best Exotic Hardwoods for Decks and Docks

The sturdiest and most attractive decks and docks need to be made out of the best materials. And when only natural wood will do, quality-minded homeowners turn to exotic hardwoods for their beauty and ability to stand up to the...

Decking Projects

How to Restore Trex Decking

A deck is a fantastic way to transform your outdoor space into a hub for year-round gatherings. Decks & Docks is proud to carry award-winning and long-lasting Trex composite products, backed by a 25-year limited residential warranty.  However, you still...

Decking Projects

Making the Most of Your Small Deck: Decoration Ideas and More

Part of the American dream is owning a home with a well-manicured lawn, a picket fence, and a deck to host barbecues and parties on. Your lawn and fences may have regulations due to HOA, but you can go crazy...

Decking Projects

DIY Repairing Your Deck? Here are 6 Things to Know

Decks are a great way to enhance your home and make for a perfect year-round spot for gathering with friends and family. Even the sturdiest and most well-built decks have upkeep demands that can build up over time if you’re...

Do I need a permit to build a deck?
Decking Projects

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Deck?

Decks are the perfect way to jazz up your outdoor space. They provide the perfect stage for creating a relaxing outdoor area for al fresco meals with family and cozy social events.  Decking provides new functionality for your garden or...


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