install deck railing
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How to Install Deck Railing Posts that Meet Code Requirements

As we discussed in our previous blog, “Do I Need Railing on My Deck?”, deck railing not only enhances the appearance of your deck, but also helps to keep children and pets safe. Whether you’re building a new deck or...

trex railing
Decking Projects

Do I Need Railing On My Deck?

If your deck is somewhat low to the ground, you may have chosen not to install a railing. Unfortunately, this choice isn’t always wise due to safety concerns, as well as code violations.  In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons...

deck hot tub
Decking Projects

Can I Add a Hot Tub to My Deck?

Have you always dreamt about adding a luxurious hot tub to your deck? First, you need to find out if your deck can handle such a major addition - in this blog, we’ll explore the different options you have for...

green algae removal
Decking Projects

How To Remove Green Algae From A Wood Deck

Green algae on deck surfaces are an unsightly yet common issue that can accumulate over time. If your deck is looking green after a long summer of humid weather or winter snowfall, read on to learn the best ways to...

Man measuring decking for home renovations outside on a sunny day
Decking Projects

Must-Have Deck Building Tools for DIYers

You want to build your own deck, but where do you start?  Going the DIY route can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but it can be quite an undertaking for the weekend warrior. Before you start buying...

Decking Projects

Composite Decking Colors: How to Pick the Perfect Hue

Now that you’ve decided that you’re going to use composite materials for your new deck, it’s time for the fun part - choosing the color!  But the sheer number of composite decking colors available can be overwhelming. You’re not just...

porch railing ideas
Decking Projects

7 Porch Railing Ideas to Inspire You (With Pictures)

Like a frame around a photo, the railing around your porch or deck should enhance the beauty of your home, not distract from it. We’ve put together this collection of deck and porch railing ideas so that no matter what...

Decking Projects

6 Reasons to Choose Garapa Wood for Your Deck

Whether you’re building a brand new deck or replacing the boards of an old one, you have an important decision to make - what type of wood are you going to use?  If you want a deck made from natural...


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