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Dock Accessories

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Oscar is the General Manager of Haven Dock and Marine, our sister company, and has served in that capacity for 5+ years.  He is the expert on all things related to dock accessories and runs our dock accessory office and warehouse.

Recent Posts by Oscar Barraso

, Beginner’s Guide: Fish Cleaning Tables
Marina Accessories

Beginner’s Guide: Fish Cleaning Tables

There's no greater satisfaction than eating the fish you caught and prepped on your own. But there's also no worse pain than having to clean your catch on a questionable, unsafe surface.  It's time to stop using the cutting board...

piling wrap, Dock Protection 101: Piling Wrap, Caps, & More
Dock Projects

Dock Protection 101: Piling Wrap, Caps, & More

Piling is an integral part of any dock project, so it’s well worth the additional cost to invest in piling protection. Piling wrap, caps, and sleeves help to protect your piling from the elements, prolonging the lifespan of your dock...

power pedestal, What are Power Pedestals?
Marina Accessories

What are Power Pedestals?

Whether you need to charge a personal watercraft or just need a place to plug in your phone, a power pedestal is a safe, efficient, and reliable way to get power to a private dock or commercial marina. Learn all...

LED underwater lighting, Your Guide to LED Underwater Lighting
Dock Projects

Your Guide to LED Underwater Lighting

If you live on the water, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of underwater lights. That green or white glow you see underneath docks and boats isn’t just for looks—it’s also an excellent way to attract fish!  Compared with...


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