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Composite Decking: A The Long-Lasting Solution

Learn More About Composite Decking Composite Decking has become a catch-all phrase for all kinds of manufactured decking, but in fact "composite" is just one kind of material available.  No matter what material you choose, you can rest assured that...

Contractor Services, Decking Projects

Decks & Docks Delivers Quality Ipe Decking for The Breakers Palm Beach

Decks & Docks Delivers Ipe Decking for The Breakers Palm Beach. Palm Beach's The Breakers hotel is synonymous with class and elegance, so when they decided to build a crossover to the beach, they didn't go halfway. They opted for ipe (pronounced...

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Florida Insider Fishing Report’s New Trex TV Set

Florida Insider Fishing Report & Decks & Docks Create a Fancy New TV Set Catch the new Trex dock on the Florida Insider Fishing Report!  The Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report got a facelift this season, thanks to Trex and...

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Marriott Has the Advantage!

In the lumber business, we're used to playing a background role and letting design and finishing touches have the spotlight.  But for the recent re-decking project at the Marriott Sand Key, Decks & Docks was able to help drive the design...

Dock Projects, Seawall

City of Palmetto is Sold on Vinyl Seawall

City of Palmetto is Sold on Vinyl Seawall [caption id="attachment_1575" align="alignleft" width="940"] Palmetto Seawall, from Bradenton Herald[/caption] The City of Palmetto, Florida found itself in a state of emergency in 2015 when the 90-year-old seawall protecting Riverside Park from the...

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Pinterest Worthy Curved Decks

Curved decks now possible in Florida, thanks to Decks & Docks - Decks & Docks Ever wonder how they make those gorgeous curved decks you see on Pinterest and Houzz? In the past, it was difficult, expensive, and time consuming...


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