The Pros and Cons of Cedar Decking

The first step in building your deck is choosing your material. That might sound easy, but with so many options out there, the choices can be overwhelming. The best decking for your project depends on your goals and priorities, but if you’re looking for something that’ll last, cedar is a good choice. Keep reading to […]

7 Boat Dock Plans For Your Dock Renovation Project

Are you looking to improve your existing dock by replacing it with a better one? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Endless possibilities await as you consider how you will design your new dock. Because of your endless choices, there’s a lot to consider when creating your design. Are you seeking a multi-purpose dock? […]

Deck Designs – 7 Best Deck Styles to Inspire Your Deck Renovation Project

Not sure what style you want for your new deck? Don’t worry, we know a thing or two about deck styles. And we have 7 of the most stunning, modern examples to show you to get your artistic juices flowing. Here are 7 of our favorite deck styles we know you’ll love. Take a look […]

How to Choose the Best Fish Cleaning Tables

Picture this. You spend the day on your boat battling the elements and the tarpon. Towards evening, you return to the dock tired but also excited about your upcoming fish dinner. The dock contains a fish cleaning station. It is covered in old fish slime and knife gauges from previous fishermen. Forced to construct a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Dock Lighting

The right lights can save your life! That may sound a little dramatic, but it could be true. It’s important to install proper dock lighting to keep you, and your boat, safe from harm. It’s not often that boats run into docks, but when it happens it can cause quite a bit of damage. If […]

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cable Railing for Your Home

Cable railings are gaining popularity, giving a modern twist to the terraces and decks for the American Home. You’ll often see these railings in commercial establishments, picture-worthy decks, and exquisite homes. What is all the hype behind using the cable railing system? Why should you take time to invest in these railings too? Keep reading […]

8 Deck Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

On a warm summer’s day with the sun streaming through your home from a cloudless sky, there’s no better place to be than lounging on your deck. But how often have you retreated back indoors when the sun goes down, even if it’s still a warm evening? It’s so easy to fit your deck with […]

Cost Comparison Guide: Pressure Treated Wood vs Manufactured Decks

You’re sure of one thing. You want to build a new deck. You’re excited about backyard barbeques and looking forward to spending time lounging with family and friends. The trouble is, you’re not sure what kind of deck you should buy. A deck is a significant investment and you want to make sure that you […]

Modern Deck Dilemma: The Pros & Cons of Different Decking Materials

Where do you begin when shopping for decking materials that can work with your deck? Be it product lifespan, or choosing the right material there are several ways to go about shopping for a modern deck. There is no single answer as it relates to what solution will work best for you but you can […]

7 Signs That You Need a New Deck

7 Signs That You Need a New Deck

Did you know that since 2003 over 6,500 people have been injured from deck collapses? This is a serious statistic, especially given the fact that nearly everyone has a deck or porch attached to their homes. It’s easy to put off replacing your deck or even inspecting it for safety. But it’s important to be […]