Top Fish Cleaning Stations of 2019: Reviews & Comparisons

Why make a mess of your kitchen when you can prepare your freshly caught fish right on your dock? A fish cleaning station allows you to do just that – you’ll wonder how you lived without one! But while it may seem like a simple product, choosing a high-quality fish cleaning table requires a bit […]

7 Hardwood Decking Maintenance Tips

A hardwood deck is an investment that improves the value of your home and provides a space to spend valuable time with friends and family. If you’ve recently installed a deck using Ipe, Garapa, Cumaru, or any other gorgeous hardwood species, you might be wondering – how can I keep my deck looking this amazing […]

New Options for Exterior Trim and Moulding

Trim, moulding, and columns can be used to add the finishing touches that bring your home’s exterior design together. But for years, these decorative additions have only been available in wood – until now. New innovations in home design have a lead to the creation of PVC trim and moulding solutions. PVC is a synthetic […]

How to Choose the Right Dock Ladder

One of the most important dock accessories you can invest in is a ladder. Even if you don’t use your dock for swimming, a ladder provides a way to get back up onto the dock if someone falls into the water. This accessory will drastically improve the safety of your dock, but only if you […]

7 Dock Customization Ideas

You’ve just installed a beautiful new dock on your waterfront property — now it’s time to make it your own! While it’s easy to find customization ideas for decks and patios, docks tend to be overlooked. But the truth is, docks have just as much potential for personalization. Let the pros at Decks & Docks […]

The 411 on Floating Docks Projects

In the last few decades, floating docks have become one of the most popular options on lakes and ocean bays. Compared with traditional piling structures that are driven into the seabed, floating docks are quicker to install, easier to maintain, and highly versatile. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to fully enjoy your waterfront property or […]

Replacing Your Wood Deck with Manufactured Decking: What You Need to Know

Wood decking requires regular maintenance to stay in good shape. Homeowners who underestimate the amount of work that goes into a wood deck can end up with a rotted, splintery mess before they know it. Instead of demolishing your deck for good, consider replacing your wood deck with a more low-maintenance option. Manufactured decking materials […]

Underwater Lighting for Boats and Docks: What to Consider

If you live on the water, you’ve probably seen underwater lights glowing in front of boats and floating in front of docks. Why are these lights becoming so popular? And why are so many of them green? Thanks to advances in technology, a new generation of safer and more efficient underwater lights has emerged. Before […]

Earth Anchoring Systems Explained

Seawalls are necessary to protect waterfront properties from erosion and flooding. But when water from a heavy rainfall builds up on the land side of a seawall, it can put pressure on the structure and cause it to lean toward the sea. To prevent this, seawalls should be stabilized and strengthened with strong Earth anchors, also […]

Grated Decking: An Environmentally Sound and Durable Option

When you picture a deck or a dock, you probably picture one made from wooden boards. But wood isn’t the only option you have for your next marine construction project. Grated decking is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Made from either PVC, PPC, or fiberglass, grated decks and docks are more environmentally friendly and more […]