A boat safely docked

Water Safety Month: 7 Safety Tips Every Family Should Know

May is National Water Safety Month. To celebrate, the Decks & Docks team wants to share some of the most important safety tips that you and your family should know to have a safe and fun time on the water....

Decking Projects

The Best Exotic Hardwoods for Decks and Docks

The sturdiest and most attractive decks and docks need to be made out of the best materials. And when only natural wood will do, quality-minded homeowners turn to exotic hardwoods for their beauty and ability to stand up to the...

Dock Projects

Dock Protection 101: Piling Wrap, Caps, & More

Piling is an integral part of any dock project, so it’s well worth the additional cost to invest in piling protection. Piling wrap, caps, and sleeves help to protect your piling from the elements, prolonging the lifespan of your dock...

Eaton power pedestal on a dock
Marina Accessories

What are Power Pedestals?

Whether you need to charge a personal watercraft or just need a place to plug in your phone, a power pedestal is a safe, efficient, and reliable way to get power to a private dock or commercial marina. Learn all...

Attractive decorations for a small outdoor deck

7 Small Deck Decorating Ideas

You don’t need a massive, open area for your outdoor deck to be a great place for relaxing and entertaining. In fact, you can transform any small space into a cozy, beautiful gathering place by using a few small deck...

Your Guide to Underwater LED Lighting
Dock Projects

Your Guide to LED Underwater Lighting

If you live on the water, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of underwater lights. That green or white glow you see underneath docks and boats isn’t just for looks—it’s also an excellent way to attract fish!  Compared with...

Decking Projects

How to Restore Trex Decking

A deck transforms any outdoor space into a great year-round spot for gatherings and parties with friends or family. However, once you've installed your perfect decking, it does require some maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. Trex is an...

Dock Projects

How to Build a Floating Dock

So, you’ve decided your picturesque house is incomplete without a deck on the water to go along with it—and rightfully so. No waterfront home is truly complete without a way to enjoy time on the water. Fortunately, floating docks are...


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